Saturday, October 1, 2011

*Warning: Do Not Read This Post If You Are a Vegetarian. Or, A Member of P*ETA

My husband, father and son arrived in Wyoming around 10 p.m. last night.

At 9:30 this morning, I received these pictures via text messaging:

Papa, Jayce and Judd

Jayce with his first hunt! 

Those of you that hunt and/or live in Oregon can appreciate how crazy it is to get an antelope within 12 hours of arriving in the hunt area. Here, in Oregon, you have to put your name in a drawing and maybe once in a lifetime, perhaps twice, your name will be drawn. That means, you can purchase a tag and go LOOK for antelope.  They are few and far between here.  So, even after you've spent money on putting your name in the drawing, THEN more money on the tag, you may come home with nothing. 

But, apparently, in Wyoming, it's not so difficult.

I spoke with Jayce this afternoon and he told me all about it and he was SO excited.
Yesterday was a difficult day, for me, and ok, for Jarrett too but.... I was a rock. Seriously. I didn't cry or break down or panic. (Yes, I know. Jarrett was the bigger stud as he didn't cry hardly at all nor did he panic or break down but I'm making a point here, just stay with me)
But, hearing my 12 yr. old son talk about something that was so exciting to him, he was shaking and vibrating over the phone, and knowing that he was sharing that with his father, his grandfather and his uncle, I broke down. I sobbed like a kid that broke his arm should have.