Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother of the Year Award

If there was such a thing, I should get it. Totally, you guys.

Because only a Mother of the Year (MOTY) would be totally patient and kind while cleaning up vomit for the upteenth time.

Only a MOTY would be shrugging her shoulders and saying "It's all good" when, although nobody had vomited for at least 12 hours, child number 3 vomits exactly 2 hours before the planned drop off time to Papa and Nana's, thus ruining the plans MOTY and FOTY (Father of the Year. Not to be confused with FATTY, which is self explanatory) had made for an over night date and a day away.

Only a MOTY would whisper "It's ok" to said child, as he is crying, knowing he ruined the plans his mother and father had made, and being so sad that he doesn't get to be spoiled rotten by said Papa and Nana. And Auntie B. When in reality, MOTY wants to sit on the floor, and scream and pout and throw a TTOTY (Temper Tantrum of the Year).

Such is life of a MOTY.. Kids get sick. Grown-ups get sick. Plans get ruined. People get disappointed.

But, I honestly do hope my kids remember how I held them, wiped their vomit, cleaned their faces and loved on them, even when life didn't go the way anyone had hoped for.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

See What 50 Cents Can Getcha?

Last night, we had a birthday party for Jarrett, who turned 7.

Just a get together at the local pizza place, where the kids can ride an old fashioned carousel and parents can visit.

We opened presents, had cake, the usual birthday festivities.

I gave all the kids $2 in quarters to play the various video games and buy cheap toys from the little gumball-type machines. ( You know, spend $2 on toys that are worth approx. 10 cents. Totally logical.)

Along with my oldest, Jayce, 13, was my nephew, 16 and Jayce's best friend, also 16.
 They were sitting cool, at their own table. Not paying much attention to either the parents or the little kids. Just hangin'. Like teen age boys do.


Jeven was the first to purchase one.

Once the "Big" boys saw it, they were NOT shy about asking me for quarters.

5 min. later, this is what their 50 cents got them.

Oh boys, if ONLY puberty were that easy. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can Posting Random Pictures Count As A "Catch-up Post"?

If you answered "No, BoringStayatHomer, that would totally suck! We know you've been doing awesome, important things with your free time. And, we've waited patiently for every last detail.", then you are going to be disappointed.

Random pictures it is.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. (and, if you are just learning this fact, you're in deep trouble). I am not one of those wives that expects a gift on Valentine's Day. Seriously. Nor, do I get my husband something. In the 15 yrs. we've been married, I think we've celebrated,with gifts, V. Day maybe three times. We just aren't "into" it. Now, I do expect a nice gift (or at least, effort) at my birthday and our anniversary. Those days are exclusively ours, where as V. Day is the whole world's.
But, the kids get excited and we do buy them one small box of chocolates and try to make the day somewhat special.
I made these for dessert:
The kids thought I was a genius and a gourmet chef. So, win-win!! 

My two youngest boys go to public school (my other two stay home and do school with me) so they had Valentine's Day parties in their classrooms. Between the two, they needed 50 valentines!!  They got store bought, cheap ones.
But, for my class, the one I teach, at church, we made these:
Again, I was a genius and super crafter, in my kids' eyes.

The other day, while trying to rent "The Smurfs" at a Redbox, I noticed this movie in the little advertisement thingy on the side:
2-Headed Shark Attack. 1 body, 2 heads, 6,000 teeth!
Why, oh WHY!?! haven't I heard about this movie!?! It obviously was so epically awesome to go straight to Redbox and skip the theaters entirely. Carmen Electra. Brooke Hogan. That alone is worth $1.20.
Alas, the kids had their hearts set on the little blue people.

That's it. That's what I've been up to. Strawberries, elephants and two-headed sharks. You know, normal stuff.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


We are without internet these days. Our piece of crap lovely modem took an early retirement. So, I came to the library to do a quick post.

Lots going on. Too much of it's uninteresting. Except for this:

This is my brand new nephew!

James was born 10 weeks early and is very tiny, 3lbs 9oz.
He is doing awesome, though (takes after Auntie) and mom is recovering from emergency C-section quite well.

If you could keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it.

Hope to have modem replaced and be back online soon.
In the meantime, please don't take it personal that I haven't commented on blogs.

I've used up 15 min. of my one hour internet time, just to post this, and check email. I should spend the rest of the time letting kids fill in their school things.

Hey, blog post trumps school and education every time. Am I right?