Saturday, February 18, 2012

See What 50 Cents Can Getcha?

Last night, we had a birthday party for Jarrett, who turned 7.

Just a get together at the local pizza place, where the kids can ride an old fashioned carousel and parents can visit.

We opened presents, had cake, the usual birthday festivities.

I gave all the kids $2 in quarters to play the various video games and buy cheap toys from the little gumball-type machines. ( You know, spend $2 on toys that are worth approx. 10 cents. Totally logical.)

Along with my oldest, Jayce, 13, was my nephew, 16 and Jayce's best friend, also 16.
 They were sitting cool, at their own table. Not paying much attention to either the parents or the little kids. Just hangin'. Like teen age boys do.


Jeven was the first to purchase one.

Once the "Big" boys saw it, they were NOT shy about asking me for quarters.

5 min. later, this is what their 50 cents got them.

Oh boys, if ONLY puberty were that easy. 

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  1. LOVE it! Although the lighter colored mustaches look like milk from those "Got Milk" ads! heehee


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