Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mother of the Year Award

If there was such a thing, I should get it. Totally, you guys.

Because only a Mother of the Year (MOTY) would be totally patient and kind while cleaning up vomit for the upteenth time.

Only a MOTY would be shrugging her shoulders and saying "It's all good" when, although nobody had vomited for at least 12 hours, child number 3 vomits exactly 2 hours before the planned drop off time to Papa and Nana's, thus ruining the plans MOTY and FOTY (Father of the Year. Not to be confused with FATTY, which is self explanatory) had made for an over night date and a day away.

Only a MOTY would whisper "It's ok" to said child, as he is crying, knowing he ruined the plans his mother and father had made, and being so sad that he doesn't get to be spoiled rotten by said Papa and Nana. And Auntie B. When in reality, MOTY wants to sit on the floor, and scream and pout and throw a TTOTY (Temper Tantrum of the Year).

Such is life of a MOTY.. Kids get sick. Grown-ups get sick. Plans get ruined. People get disappointed.

But, I honestly do hope my kids remember how I held them, wiped their vomit, cleaned their faces and loved on them, even when life didn't go the way anyone had hoped for.


  1. Awww. :( I'm sorry you've got sick kiddos at your house. And you're right. You totally deserve a MOTY award!


  2. OK. I never want to win that award. Because I really don't think I could be so wonderful in the same situation. :)

    Hopefully, you can reschedule that weekend far, far away.

  3. UGH! I totally know the feeling! I've been in our house with either sick kids or a sick self, since last Tuesday and it SUCKS. Having to NOT do something wonderful (like a night away with my husband) because of it would be awful... So, after much deliberation and voting, the acadamy (and I) have decided to go ahead and award you the MOTY honor. Enjoy. ;)

    I hope everyone is feeling better quickly and that you guys get your time away sometime SOON!!!


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