Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bye Bye Baby

Jeven celebrated his 3rd birthday last week.

I don't think it's my imagination, I know that he's changed a ton these last few months. Perhaps it's the little Spiderman underwear that has joined the pile of dirty clothes. Or perhaps the statement "I would like some catsup, please Mommy". Or perhaps the 100% certainty that " I can walk and stay with you Mommy. I don't want to hold your hand". Whatever it is, I am 100% certain that my baby is gone. Forever.

It's very bitter sweet. Of course I am glad we are done with diapers. I love having a conversation that I can actually follow. I am still a little uneasy about walking without hand holding.

If it had been up to me, I would have had more kids. But, alas pregnancy is life threatening to me and Jeven had to be revived at least twice in the NICU, where he stayed for a week after he was born. So, we're done with the babies.

For thousands of years, mothers have been having babies, raising children and releasing adults into the world. I just had no idea it was so hard.

On the brighter side, Jeven had a fun birthday. We did a party at the local pizza parlor with friends and family.

Happy Birthday Jeven!

Birthday Cake!!

With his personalized Birthday story from Aunt Ricki!
He loves it!

T-shirt from Alaska. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Deb!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Josie made the statement, several times, this evening "I'm homesick". She said this while sitting on our couch, sitting at our table and playing in her room.

I finally asked her what "homesick" meant.

She said "It's when you are sick, at home."

I then explained "No, it's when you are not at home and you wish you were. Like, when we went on our trip? And you said "I want to go home"? That's homesick."

"Ohhhh! So, when you're sea sick, does that mean you want to go to the beach?"

I couldn't really argue with her logic.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I can't think of another catchy title to say "I am showing you more pictures"


Josie waiting for Dumbo ride.

Jarrett waiting as well.

In front of Big Thunder Mountain.

There's actually a story to this picture. We were walking thru Disneyland and passed this fenced off area that had all these tables. Also, inside the fenced off area was Woody. Jarrett was SO excited. And, miracles of all miracles, there were no people swarming him. So, we go in and Jayce and Jarrett are all posed to get their picture taken with Woody when an employee walks up to me and asks if we have reservations. Turns out, it was a private eating area that you had to have tickets to enter. (Seems like the ticket takers weren't doing that good of a job, no?). We were asked to leave. I was literally taking pictures of the kids and Woody while being kicked out of (a part of) Disneyland!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures, the Sequel

Jayce, Crash Bandicoot and Me!

Jarrett a little unsure that perhaps Jaws isn't as fake as we told him!

Riding the tram with the boys!


At Universal Studios. My husband must have been getting more intune with his feminine side during this picture.

Josie avoiding a huge explosion on the Terminator motorcycle.

Jarrett and Jeven trying to make it out of the same explosion. However,
the fighting over who was going to drive cost them.

Jayce knows where to hit Hulk: where it counts!

I thought these lips were so cool, I wanted to get a picture of the boys on them.
Turns out, they squirt out water! ( :

Mother-Daughter Moment

All the kids had some money on our trip. Their own money, to spend on anything (mostly) they pleased.

When we went to Sea World, each picked out a stuffed animal. Well, Jayce was too cool for a animal, he got a t-shirt. But the other 3 each picked out their favorite.

Jarrett got a beluga.

Jeven also got a beluga. However, his was a hard plastic beluga with sharp fins. More of a bath toy than a cuddle toy. But, he loves it and sleeps with it every night.

Josie chose a brown, furry walrus. Very cute.

The night that we had gone to Sea World, when we were back at the condo., I was tucking in all the kids for bed. Kisses all around, asked them if they had a good time, what their favorite part was and what they named their new pets.
Josie the last to be tucked in.

The lights were off, only a small night light illuminated the room. I am laying down next to my darling daughter, pushing her hair off her forehead, talking low and soft to her. Asked her if she had fun? Yes. What her favorite part was? Sting rays. If she liked her walrus? Yes.

Finally, I asked: "What is his name?"

"I think his name will be smart ass."

To say the mood was ruined would be an understatement.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vacation Hangover

We're baaacckk!

Had a wonderful, crazy, weird time.

The original plan was to go to Disneyland for 3 days then Sea World for one day. And relax at the hotel in between.

We left early Friday morning at 3 and drove all day until 7 that night. The kids did great. Since we made such good time, and we couldn't check into our Anaheim hotel until 3 Sat, we decided to go to Universal Studios. After all, with the Citypass, it was already paid for.

It was ok. Jayce had a blast. There wasn't a whole lot to do for the little kids.
Oh, we lost Jeven for a bit. That was horrible.
Because the Jurassic Park has a height requirement, someone had to stay behind with the little kids. So, me, Judd and Jayce went on the ride first and my parents hung back with Jarrett, Josie and Jeven. Then we switched. But nobody bothered to tell Jeven that we were switching. He followed my parents to the line.
We're talking 1000s of people walking around. We seriously had security looking for him. I couldn't believe I was having to describe what he was wearing. Eventually, my mom realized that Jeven was standing in line with them and brought him back.
Not a good start to a vacation!

Our hotel in Anaheim was great. We reserved a "kid's suite" for ourselves. One room had a king bed and t.v. The other had a set of bunk beds and a sofa sleeper. Worked out perfect.

Disneyland was great. Although, I do have to say this: You could never tell in a million years the economy is so bad! There were millions of people!!
The lines for the rides were not bad. The most we waited was about 40 min. and that was only for a couple rides. It was the getting from A to B that was difficult. Trying to maneuver two strollers. Stopping for the endless bathroom breaks. And snack breaks. And then the long discussion who was going to ride and who wasn't.

Judd and I are so used to doing things our way and we get into a "groove". We know that if we allow our kids to do A, eventually it leads to Z. We don't want to get to Z so we don't do A. Having Grammie and Papa with us didn't help in this area!

I myself have regrets over the things we didn't have time to do but the kids have never been to Disneyland so they have no idea what they missed. They had a blast.

Next, was San Diego. We stayed in a super nice resort. Had our own little condo. Nice pool and game room.
We went to Sea World one day. Thankfully, it was a little less crowded.
The kids loved the whales and dolphins and seals and sea lions. Jeven's favorite was the Baby Belugas, of course.
Everyone's absolute favorite were the sting rays. They were in a huge tank swimming (duh) around and you could reach in and touch them. For a small fortune fee you could feed them. It was awesome! I had done this years ago in Texas but to experience it with my kids was wonderful. Of course, everyone will tell you about how I couldn't walk away from them, was still petting the darn things when one splashed me and I got salt water in my mouth. Salt water mixed with sting ray poop. Funny.

The kids were doing so well, being so good that we decided to squeeze in the San Diego Zoo before heading out of town Friday. It probably would have taken us 2 whole days to see everything there. We concentrated on seeing things that we couldn't see here at our home zoo. The pandas, gorillas and my husband's favorite, rare reptiles. At least they were his favorites until we got to the orangutans. They were, how do you say it? Practicing their procreation techniques. My husband thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen at the zoo. Typical.

We headed out of southern California, swine flu-less I hope,Friday afternoon and rolled into home a little before 10 Saturday night.

We slept in a tad, got up in time to make it to church (barely). It was wonderful to walk in there and be greeted so warmly by all our friends! Makes being gone worth it. Almost.

This was a huge trip for us. Physically, mentally, financially all at the same time.

I am thankful for how good my kids were. I am thankful that my husband and I were still enjoying each other's company on the last day.
Most of all, I am thankful that the Lord gave us a safe, happy trip!

I will post some pictures in the next day or two. But, for now, I am unpacking, doing laundry and relaxing . Taking a vacation from the vacation.