Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother-Daughter Moment

All the kids had some money on our trip. Their own money, to spend on anything (mostly) they pleased.

When we went to Sea World, each picked out a stuffed animal. Well, Jayce was too cool for a animal, he got a t-shirt. But the other 3 each picked out their favorite.

Jarrett got a beluga.

Jeven also got a beluga. However, his was a hard plastic beluga with sharp fins. More of a bath toy than a cuddle toy. But, he loves it and sleeps with it every night.

Josie chose a brown, furry walrus. Very cute.

The night that we had gone to Sea World, when we were back at the condo., I was tucking in all the kids for bed. Kisses all around, asked them if they had a good time, what their favorite part was and what they named their new pets.
Josie the last to be tucked in.

The lights were off, only a small night light illuminated the room. I am laying down next to my darling daughter, pushing her hair off her forehead, talking low and soft to her. Asked her if she had fun? Yes. What her favorite part was? Sting rays. If she liked her walrus? Yes.

Finally, I asked: "What is his name?"

"I think his name will be smart ass."

To say the mood was ruined would be an understatement.

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