Friday, August 28, 2009

Crater Lake

We are fortunate to live only 3 hours from one of this country's most beautiful, natural landmarks. We are also fortunate enough to live close to Judd's grandparents (in their 80s) and his dad and his wife.

Today, we combined the two!

In reality, there is not much for us to do there. We don't hike and not about to hike to the bottom of the crater. We don't fine dine. There's no way our kids would sit and watch a video about the lake's history. (although, I snatched an info. sheet and plan on incorporating it into school next week!)

But, throw in some PB&J sandwiches, some ding-dongs, juice boxes and some in-laws and we had a great day.

The kids' favorite part?

Not the beautiful, breath taking view...

Not posing for pictures (serious or silly)...

Not picnicking with Grandma and Grandpa or Papa and Nana

But this:

Please, if you're one of those people that doesn't feed wild animals because it disrupts the fragile ecosystem blah blah and blah, keep it to your self.
My kids were having fun and frankly, the little chipmunks weren't complaining either.

It was a nice end to our summer. Nothing too extravagant or exciting but we went to Crater Lake. With my kids' great-grandparents and grandparents.

And, no one fell in.

All in all, a successful day.

Oh, I took this picture to show just what I deal with on a daily basis.

At least he's honest,eh?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been needing a root canal for some time. Over a year. It is amazing that I was able to go that long without pain but these last couple weeks, the tooth has really bothered me so I bit the bullet and made the appointment.

I was putting it off for several reasons.

1) The receptionist at the dentist is a moron. She talks to me like I am a child and I could be her mother. Well, maybe not her mother but at least her aunt.

2) Duh! Who likes to get a root canal?

3) It is a long appointment and finding someone to watch my kids for 3 hours in the middle of the day is hard.

4) Contrary to what my husband says, I have an extremely small mouth. It is very, very uncomfortable to hold my jaw open for that long. And, the tooth in question is in the very back, on top.

5) I get really freaked out when they put the bite block in my mouth. Then, that nice plastic stretchy stuff across my face. I honestly hate that more than anything.

But, I went in today. Judd is on vacation this week so no worries about the kids (other than worried that no one will get dressed or clean up after themselves).

Something happened that I have never experienced before. I had an anxiety attack. I guess that is what it was.
They were putting the bite block in and I started crying. They took it out, I got myself under control and they put it back in. Then, the plastic baggie thing. I completely lost it. I started really crying, waving my hands and basically being a freak show.
My dentist is awesome and he took the stuff right off and turned his back while I tried to get myself calmed down.
I felt like a dummy but I seriously couldn't breathe! Ok, yes I could breathe but it felt like I couldn't.

We decided there was no way we'd be able to get a root canal done. So, we decided to pull the darn tooth. I'm not sure that dentist has ever seen anyone giddy to get a tooth pulled!

So, tonight, I type this high on a vicodin. Actually, I feel slightly sleepy but otherwise ok. My mouth hurts. More from having it yanked open while he pulled that tooth.

Sadly, I did not keep the tooth. No visits from the tooth fairy for me.

One funny thing:
As the dentist was getting ready to examine my other teeth, he said "Let's do a cavity search." Totally serious! I thought how on earth could he say something like that with a straight face but I guess being a dentist and not a dirty minded housewife, his mind didn't go to the same place mine did!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm back!! And, it's interesting but I lived without posting and reading others blogs. Perhaps blogging is something I should give up? Or at least cut way down? Perhaps it's more of a time waster?


I've missed you! And I enjoy blogging. So, I'm way happy to be back.

Sadly, nothing exciting has happened during my break. Just random things.


Jarrett has now taken to carrying his 100 or so Hot Wheels in a plastic Walmart bag. Or Target. Or Kohls. Depending. And, if he is feeling particularly fond of you, he gives you the bag. Do you know how touching it is to go to bed at night and find a plastic shopping bag full of Hot Wheels on your pillow? Quite.

My "new" camera that I bought for myself, using my bday money and other savings sat in a puddle of bubbles and now does not work. I am going to attempt to return in to the store. I am a terrible liar but really feel like life sucks enough as it is. I should be able to enjoy a new camera for more than 3 months!

My local "Oldies" station on the radio plays songs I loved. In high school. I'm an oldie? Huh?
And, when a song that I really think is cool (Richard Marx "Satisfied") comes on, I can't enjoy it because from the back seats I get: "Do you know this song?" "Who sings it?" "What's it about?" "What's sassified?" "You look stupid singing like that Mommy."

Why is it that Jayce and Josie can be at each others throats all day long but we sit down to play Monopoly and they get along so well that they annoy the crap out of us? Enough with the fake (and real) farting!!

Why is fake (and real) farting so funny to kids and adult men?

Did I say it was good to be back? Well it is.

This week, I'm getting the final organizing done for the start of school next week. I'm also going to attempt to paint Josie's room. Right now, it is green and cream, left over colors from when her room was our office. 6 years ago. I've told her that as soon as she stops writing on the walls, we'd paint. She denied it was her but since it says J-O-S-I-E on the art work, I think she fibbed.
Anyways, I got scrubable paint so I'm going for it.

Since I have no camera, I will end with a picture from the past.

Josie (2 1/2), Jarrett (4months?), Jayce (6 1/2)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

On the Edge...

...of insanity? of reason? of a nervous breakdown?

Take your pick!

I am at my parents house, they live only a few blocks from us. They also have better internet than us! Yay parents!

I sat down here intending to blog about all that's going on. In my jumbled up mind and in our jumbled up house these days. But, as I type, the kids destroy grammie and papa's house. Not much differnt from when I type at home. But, alas, I must clean up the mess before I leave and frankly, if I'm going to clean anyone's house, it will be mine.

We have one more whole week until school starts. Normally, I would be excited. But, because we are homeschooling for the very first year, I'm extremely nervous. I have no doubt in my mind that we have made the right choice for our kids but come on! This would have been the first year that Josie and Jayce would be out of the house for 6 hours. Jarrett is going to preschool a couple hours a week. So that would mean I would be home with one child for a few hours a day. Something I have not experienced oh, ever!! Even when I only had one child of my own (Jayce) I was doing in home daycare. My house has always had children in it.

Now, Jayce and Josie will be home with me. All day. Every day. Jarrett will still go to a Christian preschool a couple hours a week. And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that the lack of "me time" is what I'm most worried about. I can go and go and go until I can't. Meaning, I can give myself to my kids and husband for only so long until I need a break. Until I burn out.

Lukily, I have a great support system with my husband and my friends. I know that all the help I need is only a phone call away. I plan to use them. Often.

This next week will be spent getting somewhat organized and prepared for school to start.

Right now, I'm a little intimated by the class schedule and how much time it seems it all is going to take. But, everyone that I've talked to said to take it slow and I'll be surprised how fast it will go.

My husband is on vacation next week as well. I love him dearly. I really do. But, in the past, a week at home, on "my turf" as never ended well. I am hoping that we can squeeze in some fun with all this planning and end our summer with a smile.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't, Don't,Don't, Don't, Don't You. Forget About Me.


Internet: out

Kids: Sick with fevers and sore throats and other various aches and pains.

Me: Needing a root canal. Exhausted.
Won't be posting or commenting much for the next few days (So much for
my "comment award" from Green Eyed Momster )

You: Please don't stop following my blog! I just finally built up a double digit following! Forgive me if I don't comment on your blog. I will be back soon! Promise. Also, if you can keep from having fun and exciting lives while I am on my blogging break, that would be great. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dear Parents That Shopped At Winco This A.M.,

We found your baby's dirty diaper! I am sure that you did not mean to be so freakin' lazy to leave it there in the parking lot. I am sure you did not mean for my 4 kids to find it and spend 5 minutes looking at it. Asking questions. Making barf motions.

I am assuming you must have some terrible handicap. That is why you were unable to walk 10 ft. to the nearest garbage can. Is that what also kept you from changing it in the store? By the looks of the thing, it was on your poor child for awhile.

If you would kindly send me your address, I will be more than happy to send it to you! Postage due of course.

Disgusted By Your Freakin' Laziness


Summer is going by fast. These last few weeks especially.

The term "busy doing nothing" certainly applies to us.

I've been watching alot of extra kids, on top of my 4. That's taken up a big chunk of time/energy.

Three out of four kids are taking swim lessons. Then, they go to the free playground program for a couple hours. Sounds nice in theory but I feel like most of my day is spent driving. And feeding starving children.

In the afternoons, there's bike riding and freezer pop slurping.

My house has been suffering from lack of proper dusting and vacuuming. Between the swim lessons and the pool at Grammie and Papa's, I'm always washing towels.

We haven't really done anything exciting as a family. Our trip South in early May was our big thing for the year. We would like to try a camping trip. Haven't been camping since Josie was 6 months old. That was the trip Jayce got sick, Josie was a sleepless baby and our camping companions used up all our water to wash the wife's hair. On the second day. I can see needing to get a good wash in by the 4th or 5th day but the 2nd? Anyways, we haven't been camping since.
With everyone out of diapers and not needing to be confined to a playpen, it should be much easier. We're hoping that since we're homeschooling, we can go when the public schools start. Less crowded.

Soon summer will be over. The rain will start. And never end. We will have plenty of time to dust and vacuum and fold laundry. At least in theory. I can always find an excuse not to do those things. In any Season.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not Exactly Spilt Milk But He Cried Anyway

*****Warning: Potty language soon to follow*****

I was in my room getting dressed today and I heard Jeven yell
"I go poop!! Mommy? I go poop!"
That is my cue to wipe.

I tell him I'll be right there, when I'm done getting dressed.

By the time I get in there, he is standing by the toilet, in tears.

I thought maybe he hurt himself? Or, he tried to wipe himself and failed? Both thoughts horrifying really.

I ask "What is wrong?"

He says "Jarrett flushed my poop!"

I asked Jarrett "Did you flush Jeven's poop?"
Jarrett: "Yep!"
Me: "Why?"
Jarrett: "Because I wanted to."
Me: "Well,next time don't flush your brother's poop. Let him do it"

Add this to the "another conversation I thought I'd never have" book I should be writing. Right after the page with "if you don't stop licking the window right now you're going to get in big trouble!"

Did you think I made that up?
Josie, about 4 yrs. ago.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Has anyone else been slightly disturbed by this commercial yet?
The first 5 seconds are the distrubing part:

1) Why are the lights off?
2) Why does the man pop up from below?
3) Why is he buttoning his pants?
4) Why are they signing "Lollipop"?
5) What does any of those have to do with computers?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Don't Know What They're Missing

I took Jayce with me to Wal-mart tonight. First, let me just say: I hate that I shop at Wal-mart! It's always dirty, crowded and they're always out of what I need. But, their prices can't be beat. Darnit!

I often take Jayce with me to the store, especially when I go at night. It gives us a chance to talk, be silly together. And, he likes it because I usually buy him a bribe treat.

As we walked down the aisles tonight, there were lots of families shopping. Some with both parents and some with only one. And, they were all on cell phones or blue tooths. Talking to someone on the phone while shopping with their kids!

I just felt sorry for not only the kids (being ignored) but the adults as well. Don't they know that kids can open up at the weirdest times? That kids as old as 10 have deep and emotional thoughts that would surprise even the most seasoned parent? That kids, even teen age kids, need to be silly with their parents?

Shopping at night, you always see weirdos. Jayce and I gigled at all the weirdos we saw and had a good time.
Jayce told me about missing his best friend, that's leaving tomorrow for camp. About the t-shirt/exotic car/movie script writing business he's going to have when he's grown up. And how rich he's going to be. I asked him if he'd have a house built on his property for me and his dad and he said maybe. What a kid.

Seriously, I enjoy the times I have one on one with each of my kids. I'm sure there will come a day when they would rather not be with me but until then, I'm turning my cell phone off.