Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't, Don't,Don't, Don't, Don't You. Forget About Me.


Internet: out

Kids: Sick with fevers and sore throats and other various aches and pains.

Me: Needing a root canal. Exhausted.
Won't be posting or commenting much for the next few days (So much for
my "comment award" from Green Eyed Momster )

You: Please don't stop following my blog! I just finally built up a double digit following! Forgive me if I don't comment on your blog. I will be back soon! Promise. Also, if you can keep from having fun and exciting lives while I am on my blogging break, that would be great. Thanks!


  1. I'll be here! I'm not going anywhere! Hope you all feel better soon!


  2. Well, I'm not planning on going anywhere....


  3. Just remember that all the downs mean you're gonna have more ups soon.

    Hope everyone is 'in the pink' quick!

  4. If by "fun and exciting" you mean "stuck in the house with two sick children, the menses from hell, and a cranky spouse", then yes. I can keep that up while you're gone. ;)

    Here's hoping things will look up - in both our camps - by the time you're back to blogging!


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