Friday, September 2, 2016

Summer 2016

Here it is, First of September. Summer is almost over. It always goes by so fast. But, some days, like the ones where it's 100 degrees and kids are bored, they drag and drag.

Much has happened since I last posted. Such is always the case.

We lost Judd's grandpa in April.  It was (has been) very, very difficult. It is our family's first significant loss and we feel it every day. We have many, many happy memories and someday, they will bring joy and not so much pain. So I've been told.

Jayce and his Great Grandpa, fishing a few weeks before he left us.
Judd is enjoying his new job. Got his first review and scored excellent.  This company does appreciate and reward their employees and that's a new concept for us.  When Gpa passed, THEY called US and told him he could take 3 days of grievance leave. Something that, yes while legally we are entitled to, his other job would've never done. We would've had to go to them and request it.  It is nice to not have a husband and daddy that's super stressed.

I've increased my hours at the Assisted Living home and pair that with babysitting, I'm working full time. And I hate it.  The care-giving, while I enjoy it and rock it, it's taking its toll. Mainly because it's in such a large capacity. At the minimum, 20 seniors are in my care in an 8 hour shift. During that 8 hours, I must dress them,serve two meals ( to entire facility, not just my 20) and also take my half hour lunch break. Add in showers and, Lord please no, any emergencies that arise.  And, the pay sucks. They hire anyone.   It's all about the money, it's a business.
I've interviewed twice for in-home care-giving and while it sounds good in theory, it's not any better. Crappy pay, and weird hours.  I just want to work less and make more. That shouldn't be so hard!

School starts next week and all 4 will be home with me.  This will have many benefits, such as more family time and learning at their pace and in their way, but to be honest, all I'm feeling is stress. It will all even out, it always does.

So, in short, life is stressful and crazy right now. But, when isn't it? And, I have many positives, too. It's all about where I focus.

Braces off! 

Jarrett (11) put away the groceries. 

Giant cup for a Slurpee. He worked to save money to buy this himself. 

Before (this is what happens when you and your brother run in the grocery store)

After--I'm getting pretty good at butterflying. 

Obviously, my focus is my family. I just need to keep reminding myself this.