Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things are Tight ....

... here at the Boring Stay at Homer house. I know they are everywhere though.

We were recently faced with a decision. Buy groceries or pay the internet bill. So, since we like food and my husband may be laid off any second, we chose groceries.

Until we can pay the internet bill, I will be not on here as much. I will be able to check my email and perhaps post a blog every once in awhile. (there is an advantage to my parents living 3 blocks away and having wireless internet).

It's depressing that we can't pay our bills but we're fine with giving up a non-necessity item. In fact, we're looking at it as a good break. We all spend way too much time on here.

Maybe now I will have time to organize my spice rack.

Take care y'all and drop me a note every now and then, I will be able to check back every few days.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was getting the bath tub ready for the boys' baths this afternoon. They get naked by themselves all the time so....

I told Jeven "Get in the tub. I am going to go get a towel. I'll be right back".

Guess I should have been more specific with my instructions.

Changing a Good Thing

MySpace Graphics
MySpace Graphics

My son loves these people. Actually, we've been watching The Wiggles since Jayce was a toddler. And I am not embarrassed to say I know all their names and all their songs. At least I did....

Recently, the show went through some changes. They changed part of their cast and the style of the show. I understand the cast change but why change everthing about a child's show? Don't they know that little kids love the same thing over and over and over again? Don't they know that little kids sing the same song all day?

For instance, they have a "skit" where they are dressed up like the Beatles and they are singing some song. I don't know about your 2 yr. old but mine has no idea who they Beatles were and doesn't appreciate the "artistic statement" The Wiggles are trying to make. He just wants to see Jeff fall asleep so he can say "One, Two, Three! Wake Up Jeff!"

He wants to sing "Fruit Salad" and "Do the Monkey" and "Play Your Guitar with Murray". ( I realize that unless you watch this show, most of this post is Greek to you but I am a mother wronged here. Bear with me)

Every morning when he gets up and every night before bed, Jeven watches the Wiggles and it's my time to snuggle with him.
If the show has turned to crud and he won't want to watch it anymore, when do I get to snuggle with my little boy who is fast growing into a big boy?

Darn Wiggles. And that Dora (she's a fire starter you know).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Our neighbors have moved. And I am sad.

They were the best neighbors EVAH!

It was a couple, about the age of my parents, with grown children my age and grandchildren my kids' ages. They babysat their grandkids often and my kids became good friend with them.

Our neighbors and us, we had the kind of sit-com relationship that we didn't have to knock on their door, we just came in. If we ran out of sugar, eggs, freezer bags, our cupboards were open to each other.

We trusted them with our house while we were away. We trusted them with our children when they were outside. They gave our kids birthday and Christmas presents.

It was a perfect relationship.

I am very bummed that they are gone.
Their house is empty and we are afraid of who will be moving in--you never know what you're going to get when someone new moves into your neighborhood.

So, if any of you are looking for a small, 3 bedroom house, let me know! I have the perfect one for you.
Although, I hear the neighbors have 4 kids and are quite strange.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fire! This is not a drill!

Edited to add:
When Jeven was confronted with being the culprit of the fire, he denied everything (wouldn't you?)
Today, while we were at Walmart buying a new toaster, he remarked how "no push the button". I responded that yes, indeed "you no push the button".
He again reiterated that he "not do the fire mommy!"
When I asked him who did he said that Dora did the fire.

That darn Dora! Who does she think she is!?

We had a very interesting time at our house yesterday.

Our toaster sits on our kitchen counter (whereas yours sits where?). This is bad for two reasons.
1) Jeven can reach the buttons. I burnt Judd's toast the other day because the toast level had been turned all the way over to the "burn" side.
2) When I clean up the kitchen, because we have very little counter space, I put stuff on top of the toaster. Paper stuff.

Can you see where this is going?

Yesterday, I am sitting on the couch folding laundry when the smoke alarm goes off. I was also cooking chicken nuggets in the oven and my first thought was that I left a spatula or something in the oven again and it was smoking. So, I meander into the kitchen to find 3 ft. flames coming out of our toaster. That had a bag of potato chips on it.

Our toaster and the chips were on fire. And not just burning. ON. FIRE.

I try putting a pot lid on top to smoother it but it didn't work. I finally unplugged the toaster, ran to the bathroom, put the flaming toaster into the bathtub and run the tap into the toaster.

I run back to the kitchen where the chips are still a flaming away. I put those out with the lid and water.

I run back to the bathroom and finish putting out the toaster.

Meanwhile, the kids are in their rooms with the doors closed with their hands over their ears, screaming. At one point, I had yelled for them to get out of the house but they didn't hear me.

When I got the smoke alarms off, and the kids calmed down, I surveyed the mess. Burnt chips every where, our cupboard that was above the toaster was scorched and the counter has some burn marks on it.

During the whole process, I really thought I was going to have to call the fire department. It was sort of scary. Ok. It was alot scary.

But to show you how resilient my kids are, Josie says, when she sees the damage,
"Ah man! Now we can't have chips for lunch!"

Never a dull moment at my house!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Men and Technology

I have stated on here before how we live on one income and we live paycheck to paycheck. But, if you were to visit our home, you wouldn't think so.

We have a nice, rather large t.v. We have a Xbox, a Playstation 3, a dvd player, a computer and so on. But, we have paid for all these things with cash from bonuses and taxes or they have been given to us.

Sometimes, I feel rather guilty that we have all these things but yet struggle to buy groceries. On the other hand, we spend most of our free time at home. We don't go out to movies very often, we don't go out to eat. We entertain ourselves at home.

I don't know why I feel the need to justify my life but there it is.

This all brings me to tonight. Some relatives gave us a used but in great shape computer. My husband hooked it up to our t.v. so the t.v. screen is the monitor and the speakers are actually our stereo speakers. We found a microphone and he hooked that up as well.
He and the kids sat out in the living room tonight and had great fun.

Doing what you ask? Can you guess?

Someone, who shall remain nameless (I'll give you a hint: he's over the age of 10), would umm.."pass gas" into the microphone, record it, and play it back at various speeds. And the kids (and the nameless accomplice) would laugh hysterically.

We have literally thousands of dollars of technology in our living room. And THIS is what it is used for?

Just proves what I've known for a very long time: the male species is weird. Just plain weird.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Am Going To Strangle Her...

...if she were in fact a real person.

But she's not.

I am at the grocery store. I have only a few items.

I pass my club card over the scanner.

"Card accepted"

I pass my first item, a bag of chips, over the scanner.

"2.99. $.79 savings"

I put the chips in a bag but they are so light, it doesn't register.

"Please bag item"

Me: I did!

"Please bag item"

Me: whatever.

I scan the rest of my items. As I pass the last item over the scanner, Jeven lets out a blood curdling scream. Apparently, Jarrett took his tissue. I KNOW! Horrid!
But, I still have my salad in my hand.

"Please bag item"

Me: Ok! Give me a freakin' minute here would you!?

As I bag item, my purse falls into one of the bags.

"Unexpected item in bagging area. Please remove item"

Me: Would you make up your mind already?

I total out my purchases and insert cash (per her instructions). My total was $10 and I had a five and singles.

"Please insert cash or slide card"

In goes one single.

"Please insert cash or slide card."


Finally. I am done.

"Thank you for shopping at Albertsons".

I thought express, self check outs were suppose to make things easier in my life. Instead I have dreams of taking a sledge hammer to the stupid thing.

How's THAT for unexpected item in bagging area. Lady of the self check out machine. I would sleep with one megabyte open if I were you.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here are some random pictures that were on my camera. Now they are on my blog. Enjoy!

Josie had a bunch of Christmas money and her grandma wanted to take her shopping. For weeks Josie had talked about getting a very "grown up" Barbie laptop. Instead, she came home with this Sleeping Beauty dress and dress up shoes. I was relieved that my "little girl" was still with me.

My 5 year old nephew, Trent. My brother and his family live in Wyoming. I only get to see them a few times of year. I think he's rather handsome! (Trent. Not my brother)

My niece Julia with Josie. Two pretty girls!

This is what I found the other day. They were watching a movie. I thought it was cute. Big, tough Jayce holding little brother Jarrett. (Stay tuned. There is more proof of Jayce's toughness to come!)

Jeven. Self explanatory. We have not made much more progress in this area. He'll go. If I make him. He does not care if his pants are wet, dirty or off. But, I'm hanging in there. He'll get it. Eventually. Or he'll go to college and it's someone else's problem.

Big, macho brother playing Josie's Littlest Pet Shop arcade game. He was "helping" her. For 20 min. Jayce? (Honestly, I've played the game as well and it is fun!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here's a much more upbeat, smiley face type of post.

Jarrett has had an 8x10 piece of bubble wrap. For over a week. There are no more "poppers" left on it. It's flatter than a pancake.

I have tried taking it away from him. Even secretly. He comes looking for it later. Or bursts out in hysterics. So, I've let him keep it.

He tried to take it to church last night but dad took it away. Dad made the mistake of saying "Oh, this has no more poppers left on it, let's throw it away". Poor dad. When he's gone at work, he just doesn't know how things roll around here.

Needless to say, Jarrett's poppers were waiting for him when he got home from church. Right where he left them.

Don't you wish a piece of plastic could make you this happy?

Have a popper day!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Seems I am suffering from a bad case of it. I could make excuses right and left: I am tired from the holidays (over 2 wks. ago,get over it already), maybe I am getting sick (there is a nice bug going around), I've been just too busy these days, I am entitled to some down time (all day down time? I don't think so!).

But it just boils down to being lazy. I don't want to be lazy. Normally, I am not.

And before ya'll write about getting up early, getting dressed, yada yada yada, I am doing all those things. I am getting up, even exercising and doing all my normal things. It's just my mind is so "blah". I am yawning all the time and snapping at everyone. My poor husband has been ignored for over a week now. He's been patient but a man can only take so much!

I have tons of stuff to do and WANT to do them. I just find myself on this stupid computer waaayyy too much. On the phone. Watching a t.v. program. Basically anything that doesn't involve my brain or me moving my body!
All my house work is getting done, I am doing what is required but not much more.
It was a beautiful day yesterday and I had no energy to go out and play. Quite embarrassing actually. How can I get on my kids about "turn off that t.v and go outside" when I can't do it myself!

I am hoping that it is a phase and if I keep working, I will conquer these lazy bones! Maybe admitting it here is the first step.

Hello. My name is Jackie. And I am lazy. It's been 2 days since I vacuumed. My low point came when my 2 yr. old ate a chip from under the table. We haven't had chips in 3 days. Please help.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In the spring of 1998, when I was pregnant with Jayce, I was at the beauty salon where I worked as a receptionist. As I sat at the front desk, dozens of police cars zoomed by with the lights flashing and sirens blasting.

Turns out, down around the corner at the local high school, a student had open fired and killed at least one student and critically wounded several others. Later, they found the boys parents killed in their own home by their own son.
School violence was on the rise back in those days. But, I remember thinking, with my hand on my growing tummy, "What kind of world am I bringing a child into?". I was so fearful for my unborn child and so saddened for the parents that lost a child that day.

In the late summer of 2001, Jayce was a pre-schooler and I was actually working outside the home at a high school in the teen parenting program. As I got ready to go to work that morning, the news was filled with airplanes flying into the World Trade Center Towers. The rest of the day was a foggy, unbelievable daze.
We were currently trying to get pregnant again. Again, I was hit with a strong fear of bringing another child into a world filled with so much hatred and violence.
I remember tucking Jayce into bed that night with such a heavy but grateful heart.

This last fall, Josie started kindergarten. The morning of the first day of school, there was a shooting across from the school. It was drug related and actually quite unusual for this area. I was so mad that Josie's first day at school included a lock down and police cars.

Today on the way home from the grocery store, 2 police motorcycles zoomed past me with their lights flashing and sirens blasting. Of course, police go past me on the road all the time. But, they were headed towards my neighborhood. My first thought, whenever I see any police speeding in my area of town, is always about my kids and where they are.
When my children are away from me, there is a fear that they will do something they are not suppose to or that something terrible will happen to them.
I think this is all a part of parenting. The fear.

Unfortunately, the world can be a terrible, scary place. But, I also know it can be a wonderfully beautiful place too.

A parent has to "learn to let go". That's a common phrase in the parenting handbook. But, you aren't letting them go with no protection. Trust that God will keep them safe. After all, He's the one that gave your kids to you in the first place!

I think I will always panic a little when I see police zooming past me but a little fear is ok. But so is trust.

Fear and trust. The right combination.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Personal Space

I went to the movies yesterday. I never go to the movies anymore. And sitting there yesterday, I remembered why.

People are rude.

I went with my mother, we were the first ones in the theater. We sat down, about 3 rows down, on the end.

Slowly the theater filled up around us. Or at least the seats directly next, in front and behind us. The whole rest of the theater was empty but apparently we were good luck because everyone had to sit by us.

It boggles my mind. When I see a crowd of people sitting or standing, I go in the opposite direction. I want to sit as far away as possible.
Why would anyone want to sit next to someone they don't know. And in a movie theater, it's not like there's a lot of space between you and the chair next to you.

It's like at the grocery store. People are either in such a big hurry that they have to be on you as you're paying. They rush you to be done. Or, they are nosy and are trying to get a peak at your checkbook. I'm not sure which.

I know some people's "personal space" limits are different than mine. But I can't see where anyone would want a stranger touching them for 3 hours why you watch a movie.

In my mind I am thinking to the people that sat directly in front of us and then proceeded to drape their coats on the back of their chairs (which is basically on our laps) "Why did you choose to sit there? There is a whole theater of seats available. Why don't you move. Please."
But of course, I never say anything. I always have great comebacks and the perfect response to a situation,in my mind.

I am a grown up. I should be able to speak my mind. In a nice, polite way.

Maybe I will the next time when the person behind me at Wal-mart is a little too close. Or some 7ft. man with a cowboy hat sits in front of me at the movies.

By the way, the movie I saw was "Australia" with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. It was long but good. And might I say: Hugh Jackman is HOT! Even hotter without the metal claws coming out of his hands!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


On some days, I just can't seem to get anything done. On some days, it's because, oh let's say....the kids spill Kool-Aid in their rooms, or the dog throws up or a kid is sick, you know something valid.

Then, on some days it's because of the time I waste on the computer. Checking blogs, emails, "window" shopping on different sites, looking at recipes. Anything to NOT do what I am suppose to be doing.

Stupid me, I typed in "free online games" and found this: timewaster ultra

Appropriately named.

What's really sad is that when you finish a level (ok, I admit it, I am on the LAST LEVEL. Of a timewaster game. Oh so pathetic.)it tells you exactly how time you have wasted. If you think I am giving you that number, think again.

I'd rather tell you how much I weigh.


If you find yourself wasting your time with this game, please let me know so I can laugh at your pathetic-ness.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy New Year to you!

Ok. I know that it's been the new year for 4 days now but tomorrow my kids go back to school and my husband goes back to work after being on vacation for a week. So, tomorrow feels more "fresh start" for me.

I am positive I am not alone in making resolutions for the new year. But, most of my resolutions are cliche and the same ones I make every year. But some are more serious and I am hoping to keep them.

Instead of listing them all here (I know what they are), I think I will just keep you updated as I meet my mini goals along the way.

Instead I will be grateful for all that 2008 brought me:
--We got to redo some of our house
--We went on a few family fun days, to the zoo, beach and wild life safari.
--Judd and I went on a long weekend. Only up the freeway about an hour. We passed the hotel this last weekend on our way to Portland and we both sighed. That hotel room was good to us! ( ;
--Judd and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.
--We got more involved with our church and became closer to our friends there.
--It was a hard year financially but we learned alot of what we can do without and what's really important.

2009 will have some things in store for us as well.
--Feb. Jarrett will turn 4. No longer a toddler but a preschooler.
--Mar. I will turn 34. YIKES!
--Apr. We are taking the kids to Disneyland! YIKES!
--May Jeven's 3rd birthday and our 12th anniversary

That's all I know of for sure this coming year but I am hoping it's full of more good than bad!