Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Changing a Good Thing

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My son loves these people. Actually, we've been watching The Wiggles since Jayce was a toddler. And I am not embarrassed to say I know all their names and all their songs. At least I did....

Recently, the show went through some changes. They changed part of their cast and the style of the show. I understand the cast change but why change everthing about a child's show? Don't they know that little kids love the same thing over and over and over again? Don't they know that little kids sing the same song all day?

For instance, they have a "skit" where they are dressed up like the Beatles and they are singing some song. I don't know about your 2 yr. old but mine has no idea who they Beatles were and doesn't appreciate the "artistic statement" The Wiggles are trying to make. He just wants to see Jeff fall asleep so he can say "One, Two, Three! Wake Up Jeff!"

He wants to sing "Fruit Salad" and "Do the Monkey" and "Play Your Guitar with Murray". ( I realize that unless you watch this show, most of this post is Greek to you but I am a mother wronged here. Bear with me)

Every morning when he gets up and every night before bed, Jeven watches the Wiggles and it's my time to snuggle with him.
If the show has turned to crud and he won't want to watch it anymore, when do I get to snuggle with my little boy who is fast growing into a big boy?

Darn Wiggles. And that Dora (she's a fire starter you know).

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