Sunday, January 4, 2009


Happy New Year to you!

Ok. I know that it's been the new year for 4 days now but tomorrow my kids go back to school and my husband goes back to work after being on vacation for a week. So, tomorrow feels more "fresh start" for me.

I am positive I am not alone in making resolutions for the new year. But, most of my resolutions are cliche and the same ones I make every year. But some are more serious and I am hoping to keep them.

Instead of listing them all here (I know what they are), I think I will just keep you updated as I meet my mini goals along the way.

Instead I will be grateful for all that 2008 brought me:
--We got to redo some of our house
--We went on a few family fun days, to the zoo, beach and wild life safari.
--Judd and I went on a long weekend. Only up the freeway about an hour. We passed the hotel this last weekend on our way to Portland and we both sighed. That hotel room was good to us! ( ;
--Judd and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.
--We got more involved with our church and became closer to our friends there.
--It was a hard year financially but we learned alot of what we can do without and what's really important.

2009 will have some things in store for us as well.
--Feb. Jarrett will turn 4. No longer a toddler but a preschooler.
--Mar. I will turn 34. YIKES!
--Apr. We are taking the kids to Disneyland! YIKES!
--May Jeven's 3rd birthday and our 12th anniversary

That's all I know of for sure this coming year but I am hoping it's full of more good than bad!

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