Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fire the Babysitter!

Today, being the last day of 2008, I decide to clean out the kids' rooms of all unused, old toys to get the tax deduction and also make room for the 1000s of new toys gained this last week.

Judd had Josie and Jarrett out doing errands. That left me with Jayce and Jeven. Jayce asked if he could play his video game and I said sure. I am cruising right along, throwing toys in the Goodwill tote when I make a trip out to the living room. And find this:

(Oh, yes. The Wall-E pillow is essential to the whole "dump-baby-powder-operation". And you can't wear pants either.)

And this:

Jayce, being totally oblivious to it all.

To anyone that says video games don't make their kids stupid... think again!

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