Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Days

Outside our front door

Today is the third day this week the schools have been closed because of snow. What makes this lovely situation even worse better is that today was suppose to be the last day before Christmas break. This last week has been hard, (finding things for the kids to do, the fighting, the whining)and now, since they are out of school for the holidays, there is no end in sight!

Sending the kids out to play in the snow seems like a stupid wonderful idea. If you enjoy an hour of putting on warm pants, long sleeve shirts, coats, hats, gloves, boots on 4 children (ok, technically Jayce can put on his own clothes but sweats and a t-shirt don't pass inspection, buddy roe), send them outside only to have them come in 5 minutes later because GASP! they are cold! Then you take off all the clothes, wipe up the wet floors, dry the clothes and feed the hungry polar bears. Only to have them ask 5 minutes later if they can go back outside!

I know this is a cycle that mothers have dealt with for centuries. It's part of a mother's job. And I am sure looking back on it, it will create some great memories. Hopefully, they will remember the fun playing outside w/ their friends, the movies and popcorn, the hot chocolate, the lights of the Christmas tree and the excitement of waiting for the BIG day. Hopefully, they won't remember their mother getting grumpy at the extra laundry and constant work in the kitchen, or when their little brother pulled all the ornaments off the tree and it fell over (then again, maybe that will be a humorous memory later).

Hopefully, I can bottle up the cold noses and wet, cold kisses and save them for when I am old and gray and they're dealing with their own snow days with their own children.

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  1. Our kids missed no days and weren't even late this week! I like having the kids home. I miss them during the day. Is it possible to structure their time with chores, games, lunch, rest, etc? I do that and it seems to keep the chaos down some. I am sure by the end of Christmas break I will be ready to have them back in school.


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