Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nap Time

Jarrett, Jeven and Jayce share a room. Jarrett and Jayce have the set of bunk beds, Jeven is still in the crib. No little kids are allowed up on Jayce's top bunk.

Jarrett and Jeven take their naps together. Sometimes, they are good and go right to sleep. Sometimes, they play around a little, get spankings, then go right to sleep.
Today, today was not a good nap day.

I had to go in several times and "lay down the law". I had to put Jarrett back up on his bed and put Jeven back in the crib. Then, finally I heard laughing and it sounded like someone was climbing up the bunk bed ladder. I walked in and found this:

Now, you can see Jarrett on the bottom bunk (and actually he's doing his famous "weiner thing").

But, where is Jeven? Hmmm....

It was hard to grab the camera and take a picture THEN be mean mommy and put him back where he should've been in the first place!

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