Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Josie's birthday

Today my one and only daughter turned 6! With her birthday coming so soon after Christmas, it's hard for us, her parents, to get enthusiastic about a party and such. Actually, earlier in the month, we had a combo party for both her and Jayce, one that family comes to. Jayce also had his own "sleep over/video game" party on his birthday with his friends. And we will let Josie have a party with her friends later next month. So, don't think my kids are deprived of special birthday happenings, despite our lack of enthusiasm.

Tonight, I made her an ugly birthday cake, we gave her a new comforter for her bed. My mom came over and gave her new sheets to match. Right now, her room is ugly (not as ugly as her cake) and I'd like to redo it but she keeps drawing on the walls. She denies it every time but since she writes J-O-S-I-E all over the place, I am guessing it is her. So, we discussed keeping her room clean and treating her belongings better so that she can have a big girl room. Maybe in the spring.

Josie has grown into a beautiful young girl. Although, she's always been beautiful. She was tiny when she was born, 5# 7oz. She wore premie clothes for the first few weeks but quickly grew fat and quickly out grew her newborn clothes.

Seems just yesterday she was just learning to walk and now she runs to the school bus every morning.

I pray that God allows me to slow down and appreciate all the things that make up my daughter, for I realize now the days are only going to go by faster.

Dec.2002, dressed and ready to go home. (Actually, I guess the picture is Jan. 2003!)

Mar. 2003, with Great Grandma Ruby. As you can see, she got fat. Fast. (Josie,not Grandma)

Feb. 2005, holding baby brother Jarrett for the first time.

Tonight blowing out her candles. On the ugly cake.

With her new comforter.

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