Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Christmas was great. Or, is great. We are not done with Christmas, we have one more get together to go to. We are up to 5 now. This is the curse blessing of having a large family that is in the same area.
First, we go to Judd's dads. Then our own little party at home Christmas morning. Then my moms family, aunts and uncles and my grandma. Then Judd's moms. Then my dad's side of the family. Then one party with just my parents and hopefully my brother. This is the one we have remaining.

I tell you all this so you will be extremely jealous of my busy, fabulous life.


I tell you all this so you'll hopefully forgive me if I don't go into all the lovely details of our Christmas. I am pooped. And to top this all off, Jeven developed some sort of scary leprosy looking rash. We took him to the doctor today because a) nothing was helping it and b) our deductible will start over Jan. 1st.
Turns out is a strep rash. Huh. Yeah, I was confused a little as well. He doesn't have strep throat, just a rash. But, regardless of my medical expertise failing to diagnose his condition, he is on antibiotics and should be looking somewhat normal soon.

The kids were all extremely happy with their gifts and our house looks like a tornado has hit it. An- inside- the -house,- spread- toys- around- and- leave- cardboard- boxes- in -it's- wake-tornado.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Jeven with Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles. I don't know about where you live, but here, Wiggles stuff is HARD to find. I found this, with the tags still on it, at Goodwill for 99cents!

Jarrett with his new Wall-E undies! Yay!

Josie was surprised at her Barbie. She REALLY wanted the new Diamond Castle Barbie. She was happy because she got both of them!!

Jayce with his video game. He was surprised because normally "Santa" can't afford the PS3 games, but the one he really wanted went on sale at the last minute.

I had the kids put all their names in a hat and each picked one. We then split up and took them each to the dollar store to buy something for the name they picked. Jeven drew Josie's name and Judd took him to the store. He picked out this puzzle all by himself. Luckily, in the spirit of Christmas, Josie thought it was funny.

This last picture is not really a Christmas picture, more of an aftermath picture. Jarrett had more fun with this box than anything else. He's such a ham. A cute ham.

I hope you all had a merry, blessed Christmas!

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  1. Did Josie get a "Princess Unicorn"?! "Her horn can pierce the sky..." :)


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