Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of an Era (part one)

Tomorrow I begin a dreaded task. Something I hate to do. I have done it 3 times in my life. This will be my last.

I am going to begin potty training my 2 yr. old.

Anyone that has done this knows that it is more work for the mom than the child.

It's the end of an era because I have had a little one in diapers for the last 5 yrs. I could tell you everything you need to know about brands of diapers, who has the best prices, which ones work the best, what character Huggies was using 3 years ago....

We have a potty chair and Jeven will sit on it, in fact, he's even gone tee-tee on it a few times.
When we were potty training Jarrett about 6 months ago, Jeven would sit on the potty as well and I kick myself for not jumping on the chance then but....

I hate potty training! It means setting the timer and making a busy toddler sit still for MINUTES (can you imagine the horror!). It means packing extra outfits when you leave the house, running to the public restroom (gross) 5 trillion times in Walmart, it means accidents and tears (I am so embarrassed when they see me cry).

But, it also means no more spending $10 on diapers, no more stinky pants, no more expensive wipes to buy.

It also means that Jeven will no longer be a baby. Which I think is the thing I am dreading the most.

I Am Thankful For:

1) Being able to say, 100% certain, that I am going to Heaven someday.
2) My husband, who is my best friend and the one who knows me best which is a blessing and a curse!
3) Jayce, my first born. With him, I finally knew what true love really was.
4) Josie, my only girl. With her, I get to practice my french braiding, paint fingernails and play dress up.
5) Jarrett, my little clown. He has taught me that you can always find something funny in the mundane.
6) Jeven, my baby. He has taught me to let go. With him getting bigger every day, I am sad that my baby is gone forever but my big boy is so much fun.
7) Being able to stay home with my kids. Only because my husband works so hard.
8) Being poor. Because when you go without, it makes it all more special when you get a treat.
9) That most of our family lives close by. I always have back up.
10) Our church and our Pastor. These people have come to mean so much to us and have taught all us so many things.

This list could go on and on.

During this Holiday season, I have made a promise to myself that I will try and say "thank you" for all my trials and triumphs.
It's easy to say "thank you" for the major things: family, food, house, etc. but to say it when you are struggling is a very hard thing to do. But I am going to try.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much that I want to say about being thankful but after 2 turkey dinners and I am getting up at 3 a.m. to go shopping in the morning, I am going to put it off until tomorrow.

I hope all of you had a marvelous day w/ family, friends and loved ones.
I hope all of you took at least a moment to give thanks for all you have.

Saying thank you is easy, being truly thankful in your heart is sometimes more difficult.
But, I know I have lots of things to be thankful for. So, I am off to bed with a happy heart.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great Idea!

I am so sick of cooking that tonight I said "I wish we could order pizza."
Jayce asked why we couldn't and I told him that we don't have enough money.

He nicely offered me his $5 as long as I paid him back $6 next week. I said thanks but no thanks!

He then exclaimed that lending money and getting paid back more than you lent was a GREAT way to make money. And he was very excited about his idea.

I hated to burst his bubble and tell him that someone already invented this great money making scheme.

"It's called a bank, son!"

Ah, the innocence of youth....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Connect Four

Or five, six, seven or more!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Tis the Season

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Cold and flu season.

Last year, it hit our house pretty hard. Not me so much but the kids and my husband.
Right now, Jarrett is sick w/ a fever and Jayce has a bad cough. Judd stayed home from work (which is a WHOLE other post: why do men have to be such babies?) with some sort of stomach bug.

Since we replaced our carpet with laminate flooring, I thought maybe we'd escape all the germs but... I guess having 2 kids in public school just brings everything home.

We are very careful about who we expose our kids to when they are sick. We stay home from church, we don't visit family, all of our kids know how to cover their mouths and wash their hands.

I get extremely frustrated when other parents don't do the same.

If anyone has suggestions (beside the obvious) to avoid such a disasterous winter, please let me know!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What do I say...

...when my three year old hands me this picture he has made, all by himself?

Monday, November 17, 2008


Here's a silly survey that was sent to me. I left out some of the questions because they were highly inappropriate.

1. Do you like Chinese food? Yes!

2. How big is your bed? Queen

3. Is your room clean? Nope

4. Laptop or Desktop computer? Desktop

5. Favorite comedian? Robin Williams

6. Do you smoke? Never

7. Does anyone like you? I hope so

10. Sleep with or without clothes on? On

11. Who sleeps with you every night? My husband

12. Do long distance relationships work? I doubt it

13. How many times have you been pulled over by the police? 3

14. Pancakes or French Toast? French toast

15. Do you like coffee? Yuk!

16. How do you like your eggs? Over easy

17. Do you believe in astrology? no

18. Last person you talked to on the phone? My sister in law

19. Last person on your missed call list? Father in law

20. What was the last text message you received? From my cousin, she's stressed ) :

21. McDonalds or Burger King? McDs

22. Number of pillows? One

23. Last thing you ate? Cherry Cheesecake

24. Last thing you bought? Milk

25. What are you hearing right now? shorts and t-shirt

26. Pick a lyric? "Girls just want to have fun.."

27. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich? Grape

28. Can you play pool? not well

29. Do you know how to swim? yes, I've actually taught swim lessons!

30. Favorite ice cream? mint choc. chip

31. Do you like maps? weird question

32. Tell me a random fact: Piranha's are actually quite shy

34. Ever attend a theme party? yes

37. What is your favorite season? spring

38. What is the first music video you ever saw? I don't remember

39. Pick a movie quote: "Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings here togeverr today" (Princess Bride)

40. Favorite quote: "That's what she said"

41. What is your favorite hangout? home

42. Best friend's name? Judd

43. How long have you known them? 14 yrs

44. Last time you laughed at something stupid? today

45. What time did you wake up this morning? for the final time? 7 a.m.

46. Wake up next to anyone? see #42

47. Best thing about winter? the quiet after a snow storm

48. Name a couple of favorite colors: red, white and blue

49. How old are you? 33

50. What month is your birthday in? march

51. Do you think pirates are cool or overrated? overrated

52. Favorite Dave Matthews Band song (if you have one?)n/a

53. What are you doing this weekend. too soon to know for sure

Sunday, November 16, 2008


We have a dog. An almost 9 yr. old English Bulldog named Daisy.
Now those of you that know me in real life, know how Daisy and I have a love-hate relationship. And less on the love part.

I am not a dog person. Other people's dogs are fine. And I am not so cold hearted that I don't enjoy a cute puppy.
I never wanted a dog but my husband did. I never wanted an inside dog but my husband did. So, like many wives before me, I gave in. I even went out and purchased the dog.

But, in case you don't know, Bulldogs are gross. They shed. They slobber. Snort. Snore. And smell. Especially our Bulldog. She has some sort of ear condition that is untreatable and makes her ears grow yeast like stuff. Imagine THAT smell. Not nice.
We have had more serious fights about this dog than any other subject.

I must admit, she is an AWESOME dog for a family with young children. We got her when Jayce was only 2 and she has never harmed him or any of the other babies that followed. She will lay there and let anyone do anything to her. Our cat, when she was a kitten would actually go and try and nurse off of Daisy. The dog would just roll over and let that cat try it's hardest to get milk out of a spayed Bulldog.
Her spirit is truly "mans best friend".

She is getting old. 8 yrs. is average for this breed. Besides the ear thing, she has started pottying in the house. Which I HATE! And sometimes, she does it when we're gone and it sits. On our new wood flooring.

In my heart, I think it's time to say goodbye to our old friend.
But, how do I convince my husband. To put down his dog. That I have resented for 9 years.

There is no way I can bring it up without it backfiring.
It needs to be his decision. But, like many husbands before him, Judd loves his dog. And I know it would crush him if he had to make that decision. I think he's hoping she'll just go quietly in her sleep.

I have done my dues with diapers and middle of the night feedings. I feel it's unfair to have to clean up dog pee/poop in the middle of the night as well.

I am trying my hardest to be patient. And compassionate. And it's hard.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am so disappointed. I was trying to go for the NaBloPoMo badge this month and was doing quite well w/ posting everyday.
I had a post half done yesterday and our Internet server went out on me! And it didn't come back on until this afternoon. Oh well.

My post from yesterday was about Jeven being sick w/ a 105 fever. Long story short, I took him to the doctor late last night and the doctor said it was a virus. Which I suspected but with a temp. that high I wanted to make sure.
Jeven's sickness came on the day when Judd and I had a sitter lined up so we could go do some Christmas shopping. We had to cancel that. Then my mom was going to watch all the kids overnight tonight. I don't need to explain why I was looking forward to that. But, with Jeven being sick, she only took 3 kids.

We watched UFC tonight (another bummer. I was hoping Randy would win)and Jeven watched about 3 Wiggles videos. Our friends came over and they left their kids at home. It ended up being quite fun, actually got to watch the whole fight(s).

Jeven fever has not returned but the doctor said not to be surprised if it came back within the next 72 hours. Let's hope not. 105. I was looking for smoke to come out of his ears.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Know You Are A Mother...


1) You say "spit out the gum" and you hold out your bare hand.

2) At the grocery store you aren't the least bit embarrassed when your toddler is singing Baby Beluga at the top of his lungs.

3) At the same grocery store you go to pay and out of your purse spills a rubber spider, 3 army men and a mini. My Little Pony.

4) You get an extra $40 in your budget and you rush out and by the latest style of pants...for your 9 yr. old.

5) You can't sleep Christmas Eve night because you're too excited because you KNOW that Santa is going to bring your little girl a Barbie Doll house.

6) When saying your prayers it's no longer: "Dear Lord,please give me----" but "Dear Lord, please protect my babies.."

7) You mouth all the words to your son's lines in the church performance.

8) The best thing that happened to you all day was the 15 min. shower you had at 7 a.m.

9) You fight with your husband about who is more tired.

10) You do the "lick-your-finger-and-swipe-baby's-cheek" thing.

and last but not least, you know you're a mother the day you realize that there is a person (or 4) that you would jump in front of a bus, take a bullet, move Heaven and Earth for.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jarrett has been doing puzzles. He is actually quite good. We've finally worked up to 100 pieces.
Today, he got a new puzzle from the dollar store. Spiderman. Now, I have actually had to return a puzzle to the dollar store--it was missing pieces and it included one piece that didn't even go to that particular puzzle. So, you never know for sure what you're getting with a dollar store puzzle.

I sat at the table this afternoon and helped him sort out the pieces. He worked on it quite awhile then lost interest. But, I wanted to make sure it was a complete puzzle so I continued to finish it.

When it was all done, I called Jarrett in and said "See your puzzle? I did it!"

And Jarrett says " I knew you could Mommy!!" and patted me on the back.

Strangely, I felt very proud of myself.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day

Today was a no school day. Yip-freakin-Eee!
No, just kidding. It was nice having no school, no mad morning rush.

But, 3 out of 4 kids had dentist appts. Jarrett's first ever dentist appt. He did great!! My kids (knock on wood) have always done fairly well in new situations.

I also had my 5 yr. old niece today. She and Jeven and I waited in the waiting room while the other kids saw the dentist. Every thing was going well, I actually read an entire article in a magazine! Then, H. had to go to the bathroom but someone was in the bathroom. She waited and waited and waited. Finally it was free so I helped her get situated and I smelled something. Yes, she had waited so long that she had an accident. She was embarrassed but I assured her it was ok. But all I had was a pull-up to wear and that pushed her over the cliff. She had a melt down, Jeven was running around the waiting room and the hygienist was waiting to take me back to the kids.

This was just the first errand of the day.

Next was Costco. (warehouse store). At lunch time. With 5 children. I ran into 2 separate people that I hadn't seen in forever and was only polite to visit w/ them. While the said 5 children climbed over shelves, fought and whined that they were hungry. Thank goodness for the free samples they give out!

Then I decided to take the kids out to lunch. That went pretty well. I'd like to think that maybe subconsciously I let them starve so they'd be so hungry that they wouldn't act up in the restaurant. If only I was that smart.

Then we started home. Jeven fell asleep. My SIL called to say that she was home. I told her I would just bring H. home. We pull into her driveway and Josie threw a fit because H. had to go home instead of coming over to play. Woke up Jeven. That was the only nap of the day. A 20 min. nap for a 2 yr. old? Not so good.

I am cooking dinner then baths and then bed for all monsters children.

There. More info. than you could have even remotely needed about my day.

And I must say, a pretty normal "errand" day for me.

Aren't you glad you asked?

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'd Hate to be THAT Brother

I was driving around today doing errands and we had to pull over for a firetruck. Here is the conversation that followed:

Josie: I hate firetrucks!
Me: Why?
Josie: Because they make you pull over!
Me: Well, you should think of the people that need that firetruck and pray that they will be ok.
Josie: I just hate them!
Me: How would you feel if one of your brothers was hurt and mommy had to call a firetruck and they took a really long time to get there and your brother was hurt really bad?

Silence from the back of the van.


Josie: Which brother?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Memories Part Deux

It's not that I know people will love looking at old pictures of my kids. I am getting desperate people.
I am afraid if I post of happenings around here the last couple days, it will turn into a whine fest. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated, which I do sometimes. It's ok. It will pass. I will get some alone time in the next couple days and catch up on some sleep and all will be better. In the meantime:

Judd and Jeven, Christmas 2006 (Jeven 7 months)

Jeven Christmas 2006. With a new hat. That never fit him. My babies always had HUGE heads. Yes, child birth was always fun.

This is my husband's Grandfather. My kids are lucky enough to have one full set of Great Grandparents and 2 other Great Grandmothers. This Great Grandpa, LJ, is very special to all of my kids (and to us). All of the babies love him but he would never hold them until they were over a year old. He was always afraid he'd break them. But, I think this picture shows just how much he enjoyed it when he did.
This is Jarrett, about 6 months old.

Josie, about 2 yrs. old. I am sorry, I may be prejudice, but I think she was the cutest little girl in the WORLD!!

Jayce with his pumpkin he picked out himself on the kindergarten field trip. He was 5. I think probably this was the last field trip I went on. For some reason, my life got a little busier.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Witching Hours

Why does the time between 6-9 p.m. take 50 trillion hours?

Every night, my husband and I lay like zombies, trying to watch t.v. or just visit for the first time all day, and the kids act like lunatics. Bouncing off the walls. Fight after fight after fight. I barely get dinner cleaned up and they want to know what's for dessert.

I try to reserve movie/cartoon watching until evenings on the off chance it will slow them down. But I no sooner put a movie in and they're back up running around.

I am racking my brain of solutions of how to make our evenings more enjoyable. Less yelling (me), less running (them), less crying (everyone). I want bedtime (the actual tucking in, the kisses, etc.) to be more enjoyable and less hurried. By the time they are all in bed, I am so exhausted I have no energy to pick up the disaster they have left in their wake, much less "entertain" my husband like he needs and deserves. Like we BOTH need and deserve.

I know the solution lies in ME. They need more of ME. I try and tell myself that someday, way too soon, they will be out of the house and my husband and I will have more time to ourselves than we know what to do with.

Hard to imagine though.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Josie the window licker. She was about 2.

Josie, Baby Jarrett and Jayce. Maybe May 2005. Josie was 2, Jarrett 3 months and Jayce was 6.

Newborn Jarrett. About 1 day old. He was a 35 weeker. 5 lbs.

Jeven hanging out in his tanning bed in the NICU. He spent one week there. He had many problems; blood sugar, stopped breathing, body temp. Nothing that has had any long lasting affects. But, that week after he was born was terrible. I spent my time choosing between my newborn that needed me in the hospital and my other 3 babies that needed me at home.

Newborn Jeven, only couple hours old. Before we knew of any problems that were soon to come.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun with whipped cream


Plus This


One Happy, Silly Boy (and one cool mom, I think!)

P.S. Caught your eye with the title of this post didn't I? Shame on you.....( :

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Potty Mouth

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side!


Same Joke but with 2 & 3 yr. old humor:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To go poop and tee-tee!

Fits and fits of laughter followed by more statements made with the words "poop" and "tee-tee".

I don't get it either.

I'd like to think all little boys are like this and that they grow out of it. But I know better. I live with a 33 yr. old "boy" and he still thinks it's hilarious to fart and pull the blankets over my head.

I don't get it either.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

10 Things....

....about me that you may or may not know.

1: I only wanted 2 kids, originally. Before I even had one. After I had Jayce, I knew I wanted more than 2!

2: I wanted to go to college in California.

3: My husband is the only man I have been with. We have been together 14 yrs.

4: I take a nap almost every day!

5: I hate doing the dishes. Hate. Hate. Hate.

6: I don't think Brad Pitt is all that good looking.

7: I accepted Christ when I was 8 yrs. old.

8: I hate needles. Hate. Hate. Hate.

9: If I thought it would look good, I'd dye my hair black.

10: I like to play video games.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bedtime Weirdness

Being bedtime in the Boring household, I am reminded of all the weird things my kids do to fall asleep or when they get sleepy. We all have certain positions or things we have to do when we're falling into slumber land and our kids are no exceptions.

Jayce: My grandma made him a quilt when he was a newborn and it had yarn ties on it. Well, even when he was very small, he would take those "fuzzies" (that's what we called them) and rub them. Up his nose. He would do that until he fell asleep. The blanket was bright yellow and has now, 9 yrs. later, faded to a dirty white. And the scary thing? I have replaced the "fuzzies" several times over the years. Where do they go? Up into his brain? So that's why he's the way he is....
Currently, he doesn't put the "fuzzies" up his nose anymore ( I hope) but he still likes to have it at night time to go to sleep and even in the morning when he first gets up, he likes to have it on him.

(Last Christmas)

Josie: She too has a blanket (PINK) that she has to have although it doesn't get put through any weird rituals or anything. She also has a bear (night night bear) but sadly, he is now most often found in the toy box or under the bed. She doesn't really do anything too weird to go sleep. Unless you count this outfit she insists on wearing:

(Night Night Bear made it in this picture!)
Enough said.

Jarrett: Ok. It's going to get a little X rated here. Bear with me. Read between the lines. Jarrett is, in my opinion, "blessed" in the male sense of the word. At least compared to all the other male babies I have had experience with. Ya following me? Anyways, it seems to "bother" him at bed time. So, that's why he will lay on his stomach and um... grind. Ok. I said it. I am just hoping you're following me. I know he's tired when I find him laying on the kitchen floor and doing his "wiener thing" as we like to call it.
And of course, he does have his Bob.

(Did you think I'd put in a picture of the "act"?)

Jeven: The only perhaps weird thing would be he still has his binky. And the fact that he doesn't always sleep thru the night. At 2 1/2. That's not so much weird as annoying. But it's not his fault. When you have 3 boys sleeping in one room, you tend (read I) to do whatever it takes to get the "baby" back to sleep. So, yes I will take away the binky. Eventually. And Jeven too has his Bob.

(Jeven offering to share his most precious possession)

(Edited: I can't believe I left out the weirdest thing yet! Must have been sleepy myself. Jeven rubs eyelashes when he's tired. His own. Or if he sneaks his way onto my lap, he rubs my eyelashes. Since he's been a baby he's done this. He used to stop nursing, rub my lashes, go back to nursing, and so on. Now that he's a little older, he's gotten better about rubbing just the lashes and not the whole eyeball! But it's funny to see him at the dinner table and to watch him just suddenly stick one finger up to his eye and start rubbing!)

I can remember my stuffed animal I slept with. Right up until the night before I got married. I see no reason to make my children give up things that comfort them until they are ready. With the exception of things that will harm their teeth or get them arrested.
So, if any of you have kids the same ages of mine, watch out. They may come home and tell you how their dorm mate likes to shove yarn up their nose.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Posting Goal

I have set a goal for this new month: I am going to post EVERYDAY!

How can I have that much to say you ask? I have no idea...

That's why I am asking ANYONE who reads my blog, PLEASE, PLEASE leave a comment maybe suggesting things I could write about. I don't care if you've never met me, if you've only happened to stumble across my blog this one time, if you are my enemy or friend I have know for years ( I am talking to you KB KILLER), I will consider any suggestions you have.

If I receive none, you will have to endure 30 days of cute pictures and funny stories of my children. Even I can't stand that for a whole month!! I will have to start making stuff up and in my line of work, fact is always better than fiction!

So, drop a line. Just hit "comment" on the end of the post. If you don't have a blog account just hit anonymous and leave your name in the comment.

Check back all month to see what I've come up with.

I make NO guarantees that it will be Pulitzer worthy, but I'll do my best.