Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Day

Today was a no school day. Yip-freakin-Eee!
No, just kidding. It was nice having no school, no mad morning rush.

But, 3 out of 4 kids had dentist appts. Jarrett's first ever dentist appt. He did great!! My kids (knock on wood) have always done fairly well in new situations.

I also had my 5 yr. old niece today. She and Jeven and I waited in the waiting room while the other kids saw the dentist. Every thing was going well, I actually read an entire article in a magazine! Then, H. had to go to the bathroom but someone was in the bathroom. She waited and waited and waited. Finally it was free so I helped her get situated and I smelled something. Yes, she had waited so long that she had an accident. She was embarrassed but I assured her it was ok. But all I had was a pull-up to wear and that pushed her over the cliff. She had a melt down, Jeven was running around the waiting room and the hygienist was waiting to take me back to the kids.

This was just the first errand of the day.

Next was Costco. (warehouse store). At lunch time. With 5 children. I ran into 2 separate people that I hadn't seen in forever and was only polite to visit w/ them. While the said 5 children climbed over shelves, fought and whined that they were hungry. Thank goodness for the free samples they give out!

Then I decided to take the kids out to lunch. That went pretty well. I'd like to think that maybe subconsciously I let them starve so they'd be so hungry that they wouldn't act up in the restaurant. If only I was that smart.

Then we started home. Jeven fell asleep. My SIL called to say that she was home. I told her I would just bring H. home. We pull into her driveway and Josie threw a fit because H. had to go home instead of coming over to play. Woke up Jeven. That was the only nap of the day. A 20 min. nap for a 2 yr. old? Not so good.

I am cooking dinner then baths and then bed for all monsters children.

There. More info. than you could have even remotely needed about my day.

And I must say, a pretty normal "errand" day for me.

Aren't you glad you asked?

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