Saturday, November 15, 2008


I am so disappointed. I was trying to go for the NaBloPoMo badge this month and was doing quite well w/ posting everyday.
I had a post half done yesterday and our Internet server went out on me! And it didn't come back on until this afternoon. Oh well.

My post from yesterday was about Jeven being sick w/ a 105 fever. Long story short, I took him to the doctor late last night and the doctor said it was a virus. Which I suspected but with a temp. that high I wanted to make sure.
Jeven's sickness came on the day when Judd and I had a sitter lined up so we could go do some Christmas shopping. We had to cancel that. Then my mom was going to watch all the kids overnight tonight. I don't need to explain why I was looking forward to that. But, with Jeven being sick, she only took 3 kids.

We watched UFC tonight (another bummer. I was hoping Randy would win)and Jeven watched about 3 Wiggles videos. Our friends came over and they left their kids at home. It ended up being quite fun, actually got to watch the whole fight(s).

Jeven fever has not returned but the doctor said not to be surprised if it came back within the next 72 hours. Let's hope not. 105. I was looking for smoke to come out of his ears.

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