Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Tis the Season

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Cold and flu season.

Last year, it hit our house pretty hard. Not me so much but the kids and my husband.
Right now, Jarrett is sick w/ a fever and Jayce has a bad cough. Judd stayed home from work (which is a WHOLE other post: why do men have to be such babies?) with some sort of stomach bug.

Since we replaced our carpet with laminate flooring, I thought maybe we'd escape all the germs but... I guess having 2 kids in public school just brings everything home.

We are very careful about who we expose our kids to when they are sick. We stay home from church, we don't visit family, all of our kids know how to cover their mouths and wash their hands.

I get extremely frustrated when other parents don't do the same.

If anyone has suggestions (beside the obvious) to avoid such a disasterous winter, please let me know!!

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  1. Jackie: I had the same problem. I thought on it quite a bit. I require my kids to take a multi-vitamin and extra vitamin C (500) everyday from September thru April. It has helped tremendously. I know it's an added expense, but it works. I bought a children's chewable and chewable vitamin C at WalMart. If you are like us, the budget doesn't fit in enough fruits and vegetables for nutrition,etc and have to eat a lot of pasta, etc. I hope this helps.


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