Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jarrett has been doing puzzles. He is actually quite good. We've finally worked up to 100 pieces.
Today, he got a new puzzle from the dollar store. Spiderman. Now, I have actually had to return a puzzle to the dollar store--it was missing pieces and it included one piece that didn't even go to that particular puzzle. So, you never know for sure what you're getting with a dollar store puzzle.

I sat at the table this afternoon and helped him sort out the pieces. He worked on it quite awhile then lost interest. But, I wanted to make sure it was a complete puzzle so I continued to finish it.

When it was all done, I called Jarrett in and said "See your puzzle? I did it!"

And Jarrett says " I knew you could Mommy!!" and patted me on the back.

Strangely, I felt very proud of myself.

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