Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Know You Are A Mother...


1) You say "spit out the gum" and you hold out your bare hand.

2) At the grocery store you aren't the least bit embarrassed when your toddler is singing Baby Beluga at the top of his lungs.

3) At the same grocery store you go to pay and out of your purse spills a rubber spider, 3 army men and a mini. My Little Pony.

4) You get an extra $40 in your budget and you rush out and by the latest style of pants...for your 9 yr. old.

5) You can't sleep Christmas Eve night because you're too excited because you KNOW that Santa is going to bring your little girl a Barbie Doll house.

6) When saying your prayers it's no longer: "Dear Lord,please give me----" but "Dear Lord, please protect my babies.."

7) You mouth all the words to your son's lines in the church performance.

8) The best thing that happened to you all day was the 15 min. shower you had at 7 a.m.

9) You fight with your husband about who is more tired.

10) You do the "lick-your-finger-and-swipe-baby's-cheek" thing.

and last but not least, you know you're a mother the day you realize that there is a person (or 4) that you would jump in front of a bus, take a bullet, move Heaven and Earth for.

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