Sunday, November 9, 2008

Memories Part Deux

It's not that I know people will love looking at old pictures of my kids. I am getting desperate people.
I am afraid if I post of happenings around here the last couple days, it will turn into a whine fest. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and frustrated, which I do sometimes. It's ok. It will pass. I will get some alone time in the next couple days and catch up on some sleep and all will be better. In the meantime:

Judd and Jeven, Christmas 2006 (Jeven 7 months)

Jeven Christmas 2006. With a new hat. That never fit him. My babies always had HUGE heads. Yes, child birth was always fun.

This is my husband's Grandfather. My kids are lucky enough to have one full set of Great Grandparents and 2 other Great Grandmothers. This Great Grandpa, LJ, is very special to all of my kids (and to us). All of the babies love him but he would never hold them until they were over a year old. He was always afraid he'd break them. But, I think this picture shows just how much he enjoyed it when he did.
This is Jarrett, about 6 months old.

Josie, about 2 yrs. old. I am sorry, I may be prejudice, but I think she was the cutest little girl in the WORLD!!

Jayce with his pumpkin he picked out himself on the kindergarten field trip. He was 5. I think probably this was the last field trip I went on. For some reason, my life got a little busier.

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