Monday, December 30, 2013

To Sum "IT" Up

"IT" being the entire month of December, wherever the heck it went.

As I flipped the calendar from November to December, I was shocked to see something written on every. single. day.  Appointments, jobs, no school days, days off, parties, and birthdays. So many things to organize and keep track of. 

I started my seasonal job the week of Thanksgiving. Worked 530am-1200ish.  It was an easy job and I was thankful to have it as it paid for Xmas. But, I was tired, people. Like, in bed, asleep by 7pm, tired. 

Then, we got approximately 500 feet of snow. Or 2 feet. Whatever. The little boys had 5 no school days!!
And, it wasn't the "let's play in the snow and build a snowman and have tons of fun" type of snow. It was "this snow is so powdery and it is below freezing out here,  let's go back in the house and never, ever come out here again" type of snow.
I had to call in 2 times because the roads were so bad. I had to call in one other time as Jayce (my 15 yr. old) was going slightly insane watching the boys while I was at work. Originally, they were suppose to be at school while I was at work, but the snow altered those plans.
The snow altered alot of plans, actually. 
My husband worked approximately 500 hours of overtime. Or 20. Whatever. That was a plus side to all the snow. Perhaps he will not get laid off next month! (Please, Lord!!)

Jayce turned 15, right in the middle of the snow storm. I risked our lives and took him down to get his drivers permit.  And, then, he couldn't drive for 2 weeks as who is going to teach their kid to drive in the snow? Not me!!
Now, that the snow is melted, his dad has been taking him out to practice.
It's funny, when I was 15, it was a perfectly acceptable age to start driving. But, now? Notsomuch!

Christmas seemed to arrive earlier than expected and brought with it it's own set of issues. Choosing which family party to attend, which party to skip.  I make it sound like we're are in such high demand but mostly, it's the result of divorced parents (my husband's) and everyone wanting their share of time. But, we did manage to have Christmas Eve to ourselves and that was a first. And, it was nice.

With my youngest being 7, it's interesting, and if I'm honest, a little sad, to see the toys being replaced with electronics and clothes. When my husband and I were out shopping, we saw so many toys that our kids would've loved, 5-15 years ago. Woody and Buzz toys were not available when Jayce was into ToyStory, 13 years ago!!  And, the dinosaurs!!!  Where were those when we needed them?? 

The month is closing out on Josie's 11th birthday.  I took her and a friend to the movie "Frozen" (cute!!) and now,as I type, they are getting ready for bed and I'm wondering how much sleep they will actually get. Luther is patiently waiting for the lights to be turned out so he can "sneak" (as much as a smelly, 120lb dog can sneak) into bed with the girls.

Tomorrow we will go to yet another party, where we will stay up way past our bedtimes, hanging out with friends and letting the kids eat as much as they want. We will "ring" in the New Year.

2013 definitely had some low points, but it had some highs as well.

I wonder what 2014 will hold?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Old Fashioned Recipe

Jeven (2nd grader) brought home a flier from school today.

Apparently, the school is making a cook book and asking for parents to contribute recipes.

Great fundraiser, if you ask me.

I asked Jeven if he'd like me to send a recipe with him.

He said "Yes!"

I asked, "Which recipe would you like me to send? What do I make that you LOVE!!"

"You know that stuff that has ice cream, gummy worms, crushed up Oreos, whipped cream and cherries?"

"You mean a 'sundae'?"

"Yeah!! That! Send the recipe for that!"

It's nice to see my hours time on Pinterest, trolling for healthy, yummy recipes was well spent.