Monday, June 18, 2012

Rolling Along

Oh how I've wanted to post. Really, I have!!  But, trying to finish up school, starting baseball and just "life as we know it" kept me from posting anything substantial .

I told myself that when school was over, I'd do a nice long post. All about feelings and funnies and family. But, it seems like school wasn't even over for a day and we were OFF!

Off to playdates. Off to the library. Off to here. Off to there. 

On one hand, I'm counting my lucky stars that my kids will be happy with playdates, libraries and random trips to the playground. They won't need fancy vacations (can't afford 'em!) and elaborate projects.

On the other hand, I want to hold up my other hand and say "Stop! Let me catch my breath!"

But,that's not what summer is for!  

So, I will roll with it and try  to enjoy it!

Luther, waiting as patiently as possible for Josie to share. (as always, ignore clutter in background.)

Baseball team and ice cream! 

What does one do when one has too many animals/children? Why, one gets more, of course! Meet Tobias. He is MINE. 

Here's  to a rockin' and rollin' summer!