Monday, January 9, 2012

On the Fence Covered in Dog Hair

I see I lost a follower. I would like to say "it doesn't matter" but for some reason it does. Why? I have no idea. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out who it was and finally told myself to move on, already. Criminy sakes, I'm not in Junior High anymore! But, obviously, it's still bothering me as it's the first thing I mention in my first blog post of 2012.

2012. What will you bring us this year? I don't see any flying cars or jet packs nor are people being beamed up to various places. Interesting how 25 years ago, the year 2012 seemed a lot more exciting! Of course, if you are one of the whackos that believes the year will end in December, then that's probably enough excitement for you .

Christmas here was good!  We got all our get togethers done between Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Which was awesome! We usually have a couple more after Christmas day, but not this year. We sat around and played with our new toys and ate junk, the day after Christmas. Which was just what we needed.

New Year's isn't very exciting here but we did let the kids stay up until just after midnight.  They thought that was a big treat. And, mom and dad enjoyed them sleeping in the next day.

With New Years comes resolutions. Blah. Hate that word. But, of course, it's hard to not stop and think about some changes that I would like to see in my life. So, I do have a few things I'm working on. But, making resolutions just to make myself feel bad when I don't keep them, is not my thing.

Some time ago, we lost our only dog, Daisy.  At the time, we were all very sad, but after awhile, all the things that bugged me about having a dog?  I enjoyed not having to deal with them. But, it has been almost 2 years and my husband is ready for another dog. And...I'm on the fence. The kids would REALLY love a dog.  And, kids need a dog, right? To play with. To protect them. It's part of growing up, in my opinion.
But, I hate dog hair. And dog slobber. And dog poop.

When my husband's friend needed a dog sitter for their TWO dogs, I volunteered. Yup. VOLUNTEERED. My house. And, not only are there two of them, one is a rottweiler and the other is a pit bull. I know. (Please, don't lecture me in the comments. I know how horrible it sounds. But, I swear to all things holy, if I get one more person's opinion about anything that is none of their business, I will lose it. Oh, and I have another blog post in the works about opinions but I'm just a tad heated up about it right now so it probably wouldn't make much sense so we will just go back to talking about dog hair, m'kay?)
But, the reality of it is, they are the sweetest dogs. And, so well behaved. However, they do have hair. Lots of it. And, one of them is all kinds of  large:

168lb Bo with my niece, Brandi. I don't know how much she weighs. But, she's skinny. I hate love her anyway, tho.
We are looking at the next 10 days as a trial run of how a dog would fit back into our family. So far, the kids are an unified "Heck, yes!!" and Dad too. Mom, (me) is kinda coming off the fence. All the hair, people!! Literally, at one point Saturday, I was following around this dog, with a broom. But, there is just something about an animal loving you unconditionally and doesn't talk back or demand to wear shorts no matter that it is 30 degrees outside and throws a fit 3 min. before the school bus is due and wins the battle because I'm too exhausted to fight anymore. There's just something about a dog.

So, we will re-evaluate after this trial run and in the spring, when puppies are due. We do have a certain breed in mind and we would only get one dog. won't weigh 168lbs. Hopefully. But, I bet it will have hair. Sigh....