Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Boy

Last weekend, my itty-bitty baby turned 4.  Jeven is a very special boy.  He is all boy, that's for sure.  He's also very caring and funny.

Me:  How old are you now? 

Jeven:  Four!!! 

Me:  What do you like best about being four?

Jeven:  (burp)  'Cuse me.  The presents

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jeven:  A Power Ranger. The green one.

Me:  What's your favorite thing to do?

Jeven:  Help crack eggs. 

Me:  What's your favorite movie? 

Jeven:  Up

Me:  Who's your favorite person in our house?

Jeven:  Kitty.

Me:  Smart answer.  What's your favorite food?

Jeven:  Fries and cheeseburgers

I am so glad God decided we needed a Jeven to complete our family!  Happy Birthday Jeven!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eleven Minutes

That's exactly how long it took for my family to find me.

After dinner last night, I was so sleepy and exhausted, I couldn't keep my eyes open. 

The kids were not bleeding  playing well together, my husband was busy taking care of our 30+ lizards we have now (please, don't ask.  Or wait. Do ask. Especially if you're interested in taking one. Or ten) so I decided to sneak into the bedroom and take a "time out".  
My husband often falls asleep on the couch after a long, hard day at work.  So, I'm entitled every now and then, right?

On our bed was the 2 loads of clean laundry that was waiting to be folded.  At first, I was discouraged and felt like I should take care of it before laying down on the bed.  That feeling didn't last long. 

I went to the far side of the bed, pulled the comforter over me and burrowed under the laundry, looked at the clock and closed my eyes.

I didn't sleep, I could hear everything that went on in the house.  But, I zoned out for a while. 
Eleven minutes.  My husband came into the bedroom looking for me once but the laundry was my friend and kept me hidden. I could hear the kids looking for me in the bathroom.  In the garage.  In their rooms. 

I must admit, I only felt slightly guilty for making them look for me. Mostly, I felt triumphant in my hiding skills.

Finally, my husband came back into the bedroom and saw my nose poking out of the pile of clean towels and socks.

I don't know if I should be flattered that my family can't live without me for such a minimal amount of time, or worried.

Perhaps I should take a "time out" more often in order to wean them off of me so I can perhaps, someday, have a full nap?

But, I think the days will come soon enough that my kids won't need me and won't even notice that I'm not in the room.  I should count my blessings, I think .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Was Beachy!

We aren't big "celebrators" around here.  We acknowledge but that's about it.
Judd and I hadn't really planned on doing anything for our anniversary (yesterday) because he wouldn't be getting off work until late and honestly, we are ok with not doing anything.


We have some people close to us that are struggling with their own marriage.  When it hits close to home, it makes you appreciate what you have.  So, we decided that a evening out was in order. 

Monday morning, I arranged a sitter for later that evening with the assurance that even if we didn't drop the kids off until 7, all would be fine.

11:30 that same morning, by husband comes home and announces: "You have 20 minutes to get ready to go. We're all going to the beach!"

This is so out of character for my husband because he hates the beach.  He's not big on road trips and he certainly knows better than to give me a time limit of only 20 minutes to get dressed and packed for a day away.

It's out of character for me to say "Yay!" and actually get dressed and packed in approx. 20 minutes (it may have been more like 45 but....still).  He told me later he was prepared for my usual "But, I have ____to do. And _______has to get done."
But, I didn't and we left. 

And the day was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.  Seriously. There was no fighting (between kids and/or adults). No tears, except the ones that came from pure exhaustion when it was time to go home.  There was no whining (from kids or adults). 

It sounds all  sappy and "Disney Family Movie" ish but it was just what our family needed.  

It made me love my husband even more for thinking of it and pulling it off. 

Me and my hubby.  Jayce took the picture, you can tell that we were talking to him while he snapped it! 

Happy Beach Day!


Jarrett picked up this muscle shell and said "I can hear the ocean!!" 

Four little crabs!

Jarrett showing his best side!

Awwww......Here's to many more years together! 

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 1997

The groom

The bride

I loved my dress!

Judd and the best man, his grandfather.

Me and my daddy!

Notice the flower girl covering her eyes?

And they lived happily ever after.......

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things That Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night ...

....even though they are way past the infant stage and should be sleeping all night, every night. 

At 35 years old, I have given-up on the dream of sleeping more than 4-5 hours without waking up. 
Every night one or more of the following occurs:
  • I have to pee more than once 
  • My husband gets up to pee therefore waking me up
  • One of my 4 children gets up for various reasons:bad dreams, bathroom accidents, or (my favorite) sleepwalking.
Back in the day, I thought once my children got to be past 2 yrs. old or so, they would all sleep and therefore I could pick up right where I left off--sleeping 8 or more hours a night.
Ha!!  I think this is one myth that should be discussed in every parenting book!! 

Last night, I was out grocery shopping--alone.  That left my husband home with the kids.  He decided to let them watch Spiderman 3.  Normally, I wouldn't even think twice.  My kids love Spidey.  No biggie,right? 

Until I find Jarrett hiding in his room, crying because he doesn't want to watch it anymore. 
Because of this:

The black Spidey.  Evidentally, he was scary enough to not only freak out Jarrett but Jeven as well,
as they were both up during different parts of the night. Jarrett because he said he wanted the light on (when you share a room with 2 other brothers, leaving the light on isn't an option).  Jeven because he wanted to sleep with us. (one thing I do know--if you let one child sleep with you, even one time,it just opens the door for the others to follow!)

The last "scary" movie my husband let the kids watch was Ghostbusters. 
Again, that seemed to affect Jarrett more than the other kids. 

I can remember being made fun of in school because my parents wouldn't let me watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

I too had problems sleeping after watching anything remotely scary (I think it's a sign of higher intelligence, actually). 
So, part of me is not mad that my kids wake me up because they're scared. And, another part of me laughs when my very tired, 7 yr. old daughter sleep walks and attempts to pee in the bathroom sink (she'd die if she knew I told you that).
But, the other part, just really, really, really wants to sleep!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Pictures and Reruns of ALF

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a week!  No one's emailed to check on me, how did you all know I wasn't stuck in a well or something?  Or, maybe you used deductive reasoning and figured out I have 4 kids and a life, perhaps I've been busy?  Or, maybe you just haven't cared?
Either way...

I have been busy.
I went to a ladies retreat with my church friends.  And, might I say, sleeping with other women is not something I normally do, (nor plan on making a new habit out of) and entirely out of my comfort zone (I've only ever slept with my husband, it's what I'm used to!), I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
My husband kept all the children for 2 days.  Not only did he keep them alive, they all had fun.  Win-win for all!!

We've been busy catching up on school, I've had 2 extra children all this week (they spent 2nights/3days here!) and honestly, I haven't had much chance to read blogs, let alone post on mine.  I have an award I promised to act on, and I will. Maybe in the next day or thirty two.

Tonight was Jarrett's preschool's Spring concert.  And, although I took some pictures of the concert itself, they are not worth posting.  A picture of fifty, 4yr. olds, standing on stage, 20 feet away, doesn't make for a good blog post. Just use your imagination--Jarrett was adorable and awesome and amazing.

I did however get some good (I think) shots of the kids before:

Josie Lynn,age 7

Jarrett, star of Sp#$ngfiel#  Christian Preschool's Spring Concert, age 5

Jeven-never-smile-a-real-smile-would-rather-make-a-scary/funny-face-for-a-picture-this-one-is-a-miracle, age (almost!)4.

*********Here I would insert a picture of my oldest son, Jayce.  But, alas his is too cool to let mom take his picture.  Just use your imaginations.  He is very handsome and always smiles a real smile and looks perfectly at the camera.********************************************************

4 times the trouble, 4 times the fun!!

And lest I forget:

We recently disconnected our t.v. satellite service, for many reasons.  We have started watching shows online and it's been working pretty great, actually. One show we've introduced Jayce to, is ALF. I loved this show when it was on!!  It's fun to watch it with him and have it be all brand new again.

I do honestly hope to post again before Sunday but incase a meteor falls on me, and you all don't bother to check up on me, I will say "Happy Mother's Day" to all of you wonderful mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and best friends that play important roles in someone's lives.
Hope you have a truly wonderful, blessed day!