Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Boy

Last weekend, my itty-bitty baby turned 4.  Jeven is a very special boy.  He is all boy, that's for sure.  He's also very caring and funny.

Me:  How old are you now? 

Jeven:  Four!!! 

Me:  What do you like best about being four?

Jeven:  (burp)  'Cuse me.  The presents

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jeven:  A Power Ranger. The green one.

Me:  What's your favorite thing to do?

Jeven:  Help crack eggs. 

Me:  What's your favorite movie? 

Jeven:  Up

Me:  Who's your favorite person in our house?

Jeven:  Kitty.

Me:  Smart answer.  What's your favorite food?

Jeven:  Fries and cheeseburgers

I am so glad God decided we needed a Jeven to complete our family!  Happy Birthday Jeven!!


  1. Love the interview.


    So when he grows up, he'll be an egg cracking power ranger. Who eats a lot of cheeseburgers.


  2. Ha, that's cute! At least he says, "cuse me". Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jeven!!! We love you very much!!! Jennifer, Bobby, Zach, Graden and Gibson

  4. Cute new header picture! I have missed your posts more than you'll ever know. I'm sorry I have to try to make money. I'd rather be blogging and reading blogs, but you already know that.

    Hugs and love,


  5. Okay, I LOVE that he not only wants to be a Power Ranger... but he specified the GREEN one. That's awesome. :) Hope you guys had fun celebrating! He's such a cutie!


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