Monday, March 26, 2012

A Conversation

This is a conversation that took place this morning, in my very own kitchen.

For some reason, we were talking about how babies are born. Either "out of a mom's tummy or out of their bottoms". 

I thought it best to clarify what "bottom" meant: 

Me: " A baby is born out of a mom's private parts"

Jeven/Jarrett:  "EWWWWWW!!!!"

Josie:  "How is THAT even possible?"

Me:  "Well......"

Josie:  "That's why, when I have a baby, I'm having surgery.  Does it leave a scar?"

Me:  "Yes."

Jeven:  "Can we see your scar, mom?"

Me:  "I don't have a scar because none of you were born through surgery."


Josie/Jarrett/Jeven: "EWWWWWWWW!!!!" 

Jeven:  "THAT'S why we have to take so many showers!!!" 

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Off The Fence and Most Likely, Off My Rocker

Do you remember THIS POST?  Where I thought perhaps we were ready for another dog? 

Yeah. Well.

"What's that you say? I'm coming to live with you? Yay!!"
This is Luther. He has been with us for 2 wks. now. He is a Bullmastiff. He will be huge, I'm sure.

Yeah. Well.

Sleeping, on the couch. Just this once, I swear!! 

He is very sweet.

And he's also a puppy. Did you know puppies chew? On EVERYTHING?  Did you know puppies don't sleep through the night?

Yeah. Well.

Jeven and Luther, the day we got him. When Luther was 6 wks old.

It's been alot of work. But, it's been oh so much fun! I will only confess this here, on this very private blog, that I love this dog.

I have become one of "those" people. That call themselves "mama" when talking to their dog. I make "smooching" noises. I baby talk.

I have become someone I don't recognize.

Yeah. Well.

I don't care!!

Jeven and Luther, now 8 wks. old. I'm a tad frightened how fast this "puppy" is growing. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Keeping It Real.

Most times, when I post a picture here or on facebook, before clicking the "post" button, I scrutinize the picture very carefully.

What's in the background?
Can you see the dingy part on our walls? 
Does it show how messy my house is?
Am I in the background, asleep, with my mouth open?

All these things are very possible to see in the pictures I post.

After taking this photo, I decided to post it here, even though it indeed shows just how we live. Not every day. But, often. Because I have 4 children. And, I'm not Martha Stewart.

1:  That is a french fry because I did not prepare a nutritious, home-cooked meal for my 5 yr. old. And, yes, he is holding it above his head because he is the "French Fry Liberty". Also, if you would note that he is wearing shorts (always) and his t-shirt is at least one size too small. Also usual for this child.

2:  That is a pile of laundry he is standing on. Clean laundry I will add. And, yes, it has spread to cover most of the couch as I had not folded it yet. Yet.  I did do it later. I swear.

3:  Those are our living room curtains. And, no matter how many times a day I fix them, they always end up cattywampus and sloppy looking. And, the curtain rod itself has been know to fall down because of the extra weight of a 50lb child hanging off of them. (Hint:  he is included in the picture)

4:  That is the broom that sat there for most of the day. At one point, I attempted to use it to sweep (well, duh!) up the endless supply of crumbs and whatnots that end up scattered here and there and everywhere. I set it there to go do some mindless chore that I can't even remember,(I'm going out on a limb and say I was taking clothes out of the dryer) and forgot about it. So, it sat there, unused, for a big portion of the day.

5:  This is what the picture doesn't show. The other stuff strung throughout the house. The toys, shoes and other odds and ends. Played with then dropped. Forgotten until dinner time, when cleaning up is the price you pay to be fed.
It also doesn't show the puzzle my 7 year old put together all by himself and left sitting on the floor because of how he likes to look at them. And, I promised  NOT to put it away because it is quite the accomplishment.
It doesn't show the feelings I get when I look at it all. I won't get all mushy and say something like "I love my family and all the things they do". Because that's not keeping it real. There are days, more often than not, that I get frustrated with the mess and chaos. But, honestly, I do, (cross my heart) sometimes think that someday, someday in the not so distant future, all these things will be gone. The toys, the piles of laundry, the muddy footprints. And, I think, while there will be days that I will enjoy the neatness and the solitude, I will also miss the time when "French Fry Liberty" was the highlight of my day.