Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What To Say, Where To Start

At the beginning? No. That's too much.
In the middle? No. That's too confusing.
At the end? No way!!

I'll just start. 

I'm here!! Lots of things are the same, many are different. 

The biggest, hugest thing is my hubby quit his job he loathed and started one he loves! We have been hoping and wishing and praying for YEARS for him to get another job.  Sounds like a simple thing but it really wasn't. 

He applied to be a mechanic for the county's transportation department ( city buses). He even got an interview and it went really well. However, he felt he was under qualified and was bummed when he received an email confirming that. But, the same email stated that the interview panel really liked him and STRONGLY encouraged him to apply for a lower, entry level position. Which he quickly did.  Interview came and he received a phone call that same afternoon saying that he got the job!!

It has been a major change for us. Some bad--less pay ( to start, eventually it will be more than previous job) and it's the night shift ( 7pm-330am) but mostly good--WAY less stress and despite the weird hours, he has more family time than he did before.  He will have a pension when he retires, plus a 401K. Insurance is free for all 6 of us. He will accrue PTO/Sick time.  And, did I mention the less stress?  Huge, people, HUGE!!
He is now allowed to grow facial hair! He has never even had a mustache. This pic was from 2 months ago. His now as a full on, bushy beard. (It's not even all gray!)

Because of the pay thing, I've upped my hours at the assisted living home. Also, due to the night shift, I've changed my schedule to day shift (6am-2pm) which means I have to get up at 5am. Sucks. Bad.  But, I'm home right around the time Judd gets up and an hour before the boys get off school bus.  I'm exhausted as day shift is a whole new ball game but I'm home. 
Baxter, "helping" me make Granny's bed.

I injured my back in Sept, lifting a resident at work. Had to file a workmen's comp suit.  I didn't miss work, just was on light duty for awhile. Did some physical therapy.  And, while it is not the sharp, shooting, constant pain I was first having, it will still bug me every once in awhile. Along with my knees and of course, my ankle that will be the bane of my existence for the rest of my life, I swear.  It seems like the DAY I turned 40, my body just fell apart. Stupid age, anyways. 

The kids are good.  Jayce is 17, working part time and on counting down until he's "outta here!". Not that life here with us is so terrible, but...sharing a room with 2 younger brothers and living with one bathroom, that's a challenge anyone would look forward to shedding.
Jayce, and I (and Judd) riding California Screamin' at California Adventure in December.

Josie turned 13.  Every day is... interesting.  We got her a nice camera for Christmas, she's taken some great pictures with it.  She is very creative and always thinking of projects. 

Jarrett is now 11 and finally gaining weight! His appetite has improved tremendously (now likes ketchup, believe it or not!) and it isn't the struggle it was just a few months ago.  Puberty is peeking around his shoulders and taunting us daily.  But, he will still snuggle with me on the couch and insists on sleeping with his "Bob".  I'll take it as long as I can. 

Jeven will be 10 in just a few weeks. He is also gaining weight but that wasn't really a problem before. We are trying to instill healthy eating habits and get him (all of us, we are not singling him out, really) moving.  We are far from having a problem but we'd also like to keep it that way.
I swear, this kid ALWAYS has a kool -aid mustache.

Luther on the other hand.......he is just a fat, lazy, lovable dog and we're ok with that!

 I've got lots of stories of kids, old people and other boring ramblings. I will try and get them out here. Soon.

At least sooner than 7 months. Yeesh.