Sunday, March 28, 2010

Away We Go

I know I haven't post for a bit.  And, I'm not about to now. 

Just thought I'd rub it in a bit that the hubby and I are off for 2 nights away.  Perhaps your not jealous.  But you should be. 

No, seriously, we're only going up the freeway about an hour.  But, we.are. not. taking. any. CHILDREN. 

I'm a little giddy to be honest with you!! 

I love my children dearly but having a much needed break will make it a little easier to love them. 

I will update more if when we get back.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now, This Is Something You Don't See Every Day...

I don't know what was funnier; my husband finding this scene after the kids had gone to bed or, me making him wait to use the toilet until I had taken a picture!

I am thinking I will need to start buying toothbrushes at Costco. As many times as they are used for anything other than brushing teeth and are replaced. Such as the one pictured here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Things He Says

We are building a shed in our backyard. 

We went to the local home improvement store today and bought some supplies. 

As we were leaving, my husband turns to me and says:

"I got my hoe and my wood.  Let's go home!"

Then he winks. 

Oh brother....

Friday, March 12, 2010


I seriously do want my children to grow up and have the proper respect for authority. I pray they never have to have a bad run in with a policeman.

I KNOW one shouldn't joke about calling the police.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I can be inappropriate, m'kay?

Jeven has taken to hiding Daddy's Ipod.  For Christmas, we splurged for the first time in 10 yrs. and got each other something.  Judd got his Ipod, I got my Dsi.  So, to say that the Ipod is special is kind of an understatement. 

When confronted last night about the missing Ipod, Jeven says "But I don't have one!  And, I never get to play with it".  When questioned further about the whereabouts of the Ipod, he played mute.  But, we knew.  He had hidden it. Somewhere.

Today, I kept looking and looking.  All the while asking Jeven where he'd hidden it.  All the while, he still denied hiding it.  It was a "round and round" conversation.

Finally, I decided to call Judd at work to see if he'd found it and just forgotten to tell me. 

Jeven:  Who are you calling?
Me: The police.
Jeven:  WHY?????
Me:  To tell them you hid Daddy's Ipod.  They will come over here and make you find it.
Jeven:  WHAT?????? NO!!!!

Off Jeven runs. 
Meanwhile, I ask to speak to my husband who happens to be on lunch.  I ask that he be told to call home when he returns. 

As I'm hanging up the phone:
Jeven:  I found it!!
Me: Where was it?
Jeven: In my room. In my closet.  Behind my Lego boxes.  Under the rug. 
Me:  Hmmm??? Wonder how it got there?  (giving the Mother Evil Eye)  Well, the police are going to call back, when they do, you can talk to them and promise you will never, ever touch Mommy and Daddy's things again. M'kay?
Jeven:  Yeah....

Judd calls back, I explain that I had told Jeven the police were calling back and what Jeven was suppose to say.

Now, I was, honest to God, thinking Judd would let Jeven say his thing then speak, letting Jeven know that he was talking to his father, and not the police. 

Jeven:  (holding back tears) I promise
Jeven:  ( now sobbing) to never. ever. touch. Mommy. or Daddy's. things. again. I promise.
Judd (in scary, evil man voice):  Well, little boy, you should not touch things that aren't yours.
Jeven:  (more sobbing and weeping and snot) Ok. I won't
Me: JUDD!!! Please talk in a normal voice so your child knows it's you!!
Judd:  Jeven, it's Daddy! 
Jeven:  (way too upset to even think coherently)  *sob, sob, sob*
Judd: Jeven!!
Jeven:  Daddy?  You not the police!!!!
Judd: No, but you still have to promise not to touch our things.  Ok?
Jeven:  Ok.

Oh. My. Goodness.  My kids are going to be so messed up!

Here is another post, in which I wrongly threaten the authorities on my children.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decipher the Language

Me: Jarrett, did you make fruit salad at preschool today?

Jarrett:  Yes.  Fruit salad, yummy, yummy. (this is a quote from the Wiggles)

Me:  What did everyone bring to put in it?

Jarrett:  Bananas, oranges, seaweed, apples, more oranges. I forgot my oranges in my packpack. Can I eat them when we get home?

Me:  Wait.  WHAT did you say?  Did you say seaweed?  In a fruit salad?

Jarrett:  Yeah.  I didn't like the seaweed.

Me:  I would think not.

As we're driving down the road I'm thinking "Really? Seaweed? In a fruit salad for preschool?  Who would expect 5 yr. olds to eat that?  I know we live in Oregon but...hmmmmm"

Light Bulb!!!

Me:  Jarrett, do you mean kiwi?  Someone brought kiwi for the fruit salad?

Jarrett:  Yes!!! That's what I said!!

Me:  Of course, so sorry.

Toothless on Thursday

Josie FINALLY lost her first tooth yesterday.

She woke up this morning with a toothless smile and $4 under her pillow!  (The tooth fairy is especially nice for the first tooth.)

Even missing teeth, I think she's still pretty adorable.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


*This post is sensitive.  I'm laying a lot on here.  I am pretty sure the people that "inspired" this post do not read my blog.  If, however, you recognize yourself or you think you know whom I am referring to, please keep it to yourself. Or, email me and I'll tell you if you're right! I would hate to have to make my page private because my personal thoughts get thrown in my face.  I write a lot of stuff about the silly things my kids do.  But, sometimes, I feel the need to write deeper things.  This is one of those times.*
We are not a typical family.  By most people's standards, anyway. 

We go to church. In fact, most things come second to church.  Sports.  Social events. Various errands.
We will not miss church to do any of those things.  We have actually taken our children out of a sport because practices and/or games interfered with church.
(We are not, however, those weird "cult" like people that walk around in a trance saying "God Bless You" to everyone they meet.  Just clarifying)

We limit what our kids are exposed to.  What they watch on t.v. What music they listen to. Even what stores they are allowed to go in to. Who they are alone with.  Even what toys they are allowed to have.  
(We are not,however, those weird "organic fiber, only learning toys allowed" like people that their kids grow up to be weird.  Just clarifying.)

Our marriage is unique as well.  As much crud as I give my husband, in reality, he's the boss and the head of our home.  I do submit to him.  It's not always easy, but I do.  Luckily, he makes good decisions and 90% of the time, we make decisions together.  There's not much I really have to "submit" to.  
(We are not, however, those weird "Yes, Master" type people where the wife is scared to sneeze.  Just clarifying.)

I guess what I'm getting at is this:  We do things different but we're not extreme.  We have our reasons. 

All I ask is you respect it.  Don't have to agree with it.  I'm not asking you to change how you live or even change how you think.  

But, please don't do your little "jabs" and comments about how you think my kids should be put back in public school (because YOUR kids turned out so well??) or that we should just go ahead and let our 7 yr. old watch that show because everyone else does it (Seriously, at your age,  shouldn't you be able to resist peer pressure?) or question why we don't spend $50 on a pair of shoes for my 4 yr. old.  

I realize it's hard to see someone living differently.  Especially when it works.  It's easy to point fingers and make harsh comments when their life is chaos.  But, I imagine when you see a happy marriage and well adjusted, respectful and intelligent children, it's hard to realize it's because we've done things differently than you.  It doesn't make us right and you wrong.  It just IS.  

Respect means acceptance.  Just accept us and move on.  
I know I have.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Not Worthy, I'm Not Worthy!!

My bloggy friend, Ami, was kind enough to give me this award!  I love awards!  Especially ones that I don't have to work hard for! 

I have enjoyed getting to know Ami.  She works with kids and let me just say, if all the public school employees were half as caring as this woman, it would be a much better system! 
She's also a great mom and wonderful wife.  (That last part I'm guessing but I think I'm pretty accurate).
One of the best things about her, is her sense of humor.  I laugh out loud at all most of her jokes and it sounds like her family is a hoot to hang around. (Do people even say "a hoot" anymore?)

Part of accepting the award is listing five things I like to do. 
Well, there's the obvious: spending time with the family, reading, sleeping, etc.  I will try to think of some things a little less obvious.

  1. I like to look in people's houses.  When I drive around, especially at night, I look in widows and see the way people's houses look, on the inside.  I've even been known to stop and walk up to a window of a house that's for sale and obviously empty.  I've seen one naked person.  It was not pretty. But, didn't deter me from peeping to this day. 
  2. I like to play Josie's "Littlest Pet Shop" arcade game.  It's a game that plugs right into the t.v. You play games, earn coins to buy pets.  Currently, I have over 3500 points. 
  3. I don't like grocery shopping, but I do like getting the most for my money.  I enjoy clipping coupons and getting stuff for free (duh!) and coming home and showing my husband how well I've spent our money. I guess I like the challenge.
  4. I like to bake. I don't enjoy cleaning up after myself.  Which is why I don't bake very often. 
  5. I like to fish.  When my husband and I were dating, we went fishing alot. Ok, he went fishing alot and if I wanted to spend time with him, I went too.  I got pretty good at it!  I can even bait my own hook. (with a real worm!)
Now, five people to pass the award on to.
This is hard because most of the blogs I read regularly have already received this award. 

  1. My cousin, Jennifer. I just love her to pieces.  She hasn't posted for awhile.  I am hoping this award will motivate her! 
  2. SabrinaT.  She just received some surprising yet super exciting news!  Go congratulate her! 
  3. Rachel.  I have a few things in common with her.  Her blog is fun to read! 
I know. That's only 3.  Like I said, most of my "regulars" are ones that have already recieved the award (like Ami. And GEM.  All beautiful, BTW)

Thanks again, Ami. For the award.  For making me laugh. For being you!