Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Things He Says

We are building a shed in our backyard. 

We went to the local home improvement store today and bought some supplies. 

As we were leaving, my husband turns to me and says:

"I got my hoe and my wood.  Let's go home!"

Then he winks. 

Oh brother....


  1. ::snort:::

    Our shed is about two years old, I think. One of the best things we've spent money on.

    Getting wood is good... even if one has to pay for it.


  2. Hilarious! Men have a one track mind don't they?

  3. I'm sorry, Jackie, but seriously... it's been like 3 days and I'm STILL occasionally thinking about this and laughing! Thanks for sharing it! It has made my day (for a few days in a row now).


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