Thursday, March 11, 2010

Decipher the Language

Me: Jarrett, did you make fruit salad at preschool today?

Jarrett:  Yes.  Fruit salad, yummy, yummy. (this is a quote from the Wiggles)

Me:  What did everyone bring to put in it?

Jarrett:  Bananas, oranges, seaweed, apples, more oranges. I forgot my oranges in my packpack. Can I eat them when we get home?

Me:  Wait.  WHAT did you say?  Did you say seaweed?  In a fruit salad?

Jarrett:  Yeah.  I didn't like the seaweed.

Me:  I would think not.

As we're driving down the road I'm thinking "Really? Seaweed? In a fruit salad for preschool?  Who would expect 5 yr. olds to eat that?  I know we live in Oregon but...hmmmmm"

Light Bulb!!!

Me:  Jarrett, do you mean kiwi?  Someone brought kiwi for the fruit salad?

Jarrett:  Yes!!! That's what I said!!

Me:  Of course, so sorry.


  1. Yum.Seaweed with maybe a little clam sauce.

    Exactly what everyone wants in their fruit salad.


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