Sunday, February 24, 2013

Detailed Update

1)You can take the word "detailed" in the title to mean whatever you'd like but I meant it sarcastically.

2) Husband still not working (but one day a week). He has another month or so until it's either call him back or he's let go permanently, therefore we lose our insurance. And things get seriously scary.

3) I'm still working a butt load (that's alot) of hours and am pretty much exhausted, all the time. Of course, I've always been exhausted but this is different. I do a whole day's work, before  I even go to work.

4) Husband and I take turns being depressed and then optimistic. Thankfully, we take our turns separately so one is up while the other is down.

5) The kids are all taking this individually. The oldest isn't affected much (we think), Josie is constantly upset that I have to go to work and is surprised even though my schedule is posted for all to see. Jarrett goes with the flow and Jeven is the baby and makes me feel like do-do with his crocodile tears.

6) The dog and the cats, the fish and the hamster seem to not need therapy, at this time. Although, Josie was seriously put out when I did NOT buy this for her hamster, Oreo:
Alas, poor Oreo will just have to jog without a vest. Money is tight, ya'll.

7) I have at least 2 posts in the "draft" file! Hoping to get to them soon!!