Sunday, January 26, 2014

Next year? I'm Skipping the Entire Month of January

I've hesitated to post this post as it is another Debbie Downer post. And, while I feel the need to gripe and get some feelings out, I hate doing the downer posts.  And, I really do try to stay positive and concentrate on the good. But, dangit. This year has sucked, already!

You may, or may not, remember THIS post from last January.  And, while things are okay, for now, with my husband's job, other "worth crying" about things are happening.

We are in a serious financial pickle, and that is all my husband is willing to share. Things could definitely be worse, but certainly they could be better. It's probably the worst financial stress we've been in during our 17 years of marriage. But....I know things will work out.

But, because we are grown ups, we are trying to sell my husband's "toy". He drives a Suzuki Samurai and he loves it. But, it's our third rig and we really don't need it. So, we have it for sale. Asking a fair price, and while we need to sell it, we certainly don't want to give it away. We've had quite a few people inquire about it. Some have made offers, most were quite insulting. One guy came to look at it, offered my husband half the asking price then proceeded to roll down the window that had the "For Sale" sign in it, thus resulting in the sign falling down in between the window and the door, lost forever. Idiot.
One guy offered us a little cash and credit to use in his tattoo parlor. It's not like my husband's pride isn't already injured, right?

Our dog has some sort of "wound" on his face. It's actually a result of scratching at his ears (that were probably infected) and the wound getting infected. It's gross. It stinks. It's stressing me out. I don't want to have to take him to the vet. I hate the whole dog smell anyways, let alone an infected dog smell. I'm just seriously irked at the stupid dog. But, we've been treating it with hydrogen peroxide and JULI'S  favorite, Neosporin. And, I think there's some improvement. We were also able to get some antibiotic drops for his ears.  And, lest you think we are irresponsible pet owners, of course we will take him to the vet if he doesn't improve soon.

I got into a yelling match with our neighbor. If you know me at all, you know this is a big deal.
She has had it in for Josie for quite some time. Actually, we think it started when my husband told her then teenage son to turn his Rap Crap music down in his car.  Seems he's momma's little angel boy and momma didn't like it. Anyways, we live on a cul-de-sac and all the kids play together. She hates it. And she really seems to think Josie is some sort of gang leader.  But, Josie was trying to be nice and drew her a picture and left it on her door. She was livid.  She called Josie all sorts of names.  Now, my kids can't play outside without me being with them. And, if you know me at all, you know that I might look forward to sending my children OUT and AWAY from me to play.  But, she can't have the chance to get near my kids. Some people suggested I report her, but really, I'm not sure what to report?  I'm thinking that being a witch is not against the law.
My husband and I have always tried to get along with all of our neighbors. Because, really? The people that live next to you aren't the ones you want angry at you. Our neighbor immediately next door gave us her house key. She has no children, lives only with her little dog. We go over and get Fritz from time to time and he plays with the kids and Luther. Our other neighbor's daughter babysits for us.  It's just this one lady ruining our happy little suburbia. 

Last but not least, my 83 year old grandmother fell. She lives out in the country,where she's lived for 40 years, 35 of them alone. She fell outside and crawled across the gravel to pull herself up.  And while she did not break anything, and things could have been so much worse, she spent a week in the hospital and is now in a rehab facility.  And, will probably not be returning to her home.
And, while she was okay with going to the rehab facility, we already know she will not be okay with not going back to her home. And, all of the sudden, my vivacious and feisty grandmother is an old lady. That needs help to do alot of things. 
She has 4 children, my mom, that lives close to me, my aunt who lives 2 hours away, another aunt that while she lives locally, she has her own issues that make her an unlikely candidate to be the responsible party, and my uncle who lives in Alaska.
I guess my point is, much of the care is falling to my mother. And, I of course, want to help out as much as possible.
It has just became a HUGE undertaking. And, while I have some experience in elder care, it's totally different, (but yet the same) when it's your own grandmother.
And, really, I'm very, very happy to help her in anyway possible. This post isn't meant as a complaint at her, just that life can be hard and for us, right now, it seems to be hard all at once, instead of spread out. 

Really? Things could always be so much worse. Hmmmmm....maybe I will get that tattooed on my arm. If we traded the Samurai, it could be done!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Not a Curb Hoppin' Mama

In this crazy world, there are so many types of mothers. And even more types of children.
With my own four children, while they are similar in many ways, they are vastly so different. It makes this parenting gig challenging. And, fun.

Jeven and I went to Winco today. I do try to avoid the first of the month grocery shopping as it is extremely busy. Food stamp and state income benefits are paid at the beginning of the month, making the grocery store nearly busting at the seams with shoppers. Which I do not enjoy. But, we did need a few things.

As we were walking in, we were behind a young mother, with four small girls. One of them, the smallest, was curb hoppin'. One foot on the curb, one on the sidewalk and hop-hop-hoppin' her way towards the door. The mother was getting impatient and said "Natalie!! Come ON!!" and grabbed her hand and guided her towards the door and away from the curb.  She wasn't mean or abrupt, in any way. I only noticed it because we were following them and, being honest, I would've done the same thing. I have done the same thing. Many times.

I do get impatient with the curb hoppin'.  With the insisting to push the grocery cart even though they can't see over the top. With the wanting to bag the groceries all by themselves. With anything that slows me down, when I (in my mind) am in such a hurry.
When I say I get impatient, I don't yell, I'm not mean. Just like the lady in front of us, I am just ready to move on.

On our way OUT of the store, we passed the same curb and same sidewalk. This time, there was a young mother with one little girl. Of course, the little girl was curb hoppin'. This mother, however, was just walking along side her girl, patiently waiting, going as far as to encourage the curb hoppin'.

What a ironic twist of motherhood.

Of course, this mother only had one child with her. Not four. Anybody that has more than one child knows what a difference grocery shopping is when you only have one child vs. more than one.
If we were to fast forward to a few years down the road, when this mother has another little one, or two, tagging along, the curb hoppin' may be nixed. Or, perhaps not.

Every mother is different. When I saw the first mother, I totally knew what she was thinking when she nixed the curb hoppin' and I thought nothing of it.
But, when I saw the second mother, all relaxed and enjoying her enthusiastic daughter's curb hoppin', I instantly felt guilty. Because I knew that I would never do that.

I was thoughtful on the way home (good thing Jeven is also a deep thinker and doesn't talk non-stop like a couple of his siblings. See, different kids, different personalities) and finally convinced myself to not feel guilty.

I may not be a curb hoppin' mama, but I am a go ahead and empty the entire craft drawer and craft to your heart's content and make me something beautiful, mama.
I am a wear whatever you feel comfortable in, I don't care if it's shorts or your Spiderman costume or your Xmas dress from 2 years ago, mama.
I am a pretend my 65lb 7 year old is a tiny baby and rock him and baby talk to him because that's what he wants, mama.

I am my children's mama. I may not put up with curb hoppin' but that's okay.