Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Not a Curb Hoppin' Mama

In this crazy world, there are so many types of mothers. And even more types of children.
With my own four children, while they are similar in many ways, they are vastly so different. It makes this parenting gig challenging. And, fun.

Jeven and I went to Winco today. I do try to avoid the first of the month grocery shopping as it is extremely busy. Food stamp and state income benefits are paid at the beginning of the month, making the grocery store nearly busting at the seams with shoppers. Which I do not enjoy. But, we did need a few things.

As we were walking in, we were behind a young mother, with four small girls. One of them, the smallest, was curb hoppin'. One foot on the curb, one on the sidewalk and hop-hop-hoppin' her way towards the door. The mother was getting impatient and said "Natalie!! Come ON!!" and grabbed her hand and guided her towards the door and away from the curb.  She wasn't mean or abrupt, in any way. I only noticed it because we were following them and, being honest, I would've done the same thing. I have done the same thing. Many times.

I do get impatient with the curb hoppin'.  With the insisting to push the grocery cart even though they can't see over the top. With the wanting to bag the groceries all by themselves. With anything that slows me down, when I (in my mind) am in such a hurry.
When I say I get impatient, I don't yell, I'm not mean. Just like the lady in front of us, I am just ready to move on.

On our way OUT of the store, we passed the same curb and same sidewalk. This time, there was a young mother with one little girl. Of course, the little girl was curb hoppin'. This mother, however, was just walking along side her girl, patiently waiting, going as far as to encourage the curb hoppin'.

What a ironic twist of motherhood.

Of course, this mother only had one child with her. Not four. Anybody that has more than one child knows what a difference grocery shopping is when you only have one child vs. more than one.
If we were to fast forward to a few years down the road, when this mother has another little one, or two, tagging along, the curb hoppin' may be nixed. Or, perhaps not.

Every mother is different. When I saw the first mother, I totally knew what she was thinking when she nixed the curb hoppin' and I thought nothing of it.
But, when I saw the second mother, all relaxed and enjoying her enthusiastic daughter's curb hoppin', I instantly felt guilty. Because I knew that I would never do that.

I was thoughtful on the way home (good thing Jeven is also a deep thinker and doesn't talk non-stop like a couple of his siblings. See, different kids, different personalities) and finally convinced myself to not feel guilty.

I may not be a curb hoppin' mama, but I am a go ahead and empty the entire craft drawer and craft to your heart's content and make me something beautiful, mama.
I am a wear whatever you feel comfortable in, I don't care if it's shorts or your Spiderman costume or your Xmas dress from 2 years ago, mama.
I am a pretend my 65lb 7 year old is a tiny baby and rock him and baby talk to him because that's what he wants, mama.

I am my children's mama. I may not put up with curb hoppin' but that's okay.


  1. A very sweet post. And I think that all of us are different according to the kids we've been gifted with. It's an interesting gig, motherhood. :)

  2. I think we all have things we wish we could do differently. For me, I have elected to change some things by baby stepping my way through them, while others are just ingrained within me. And you know what? My kids love me anyway.

  3. Yeah, we all parent differently. However, do you think the people who rely on Food Stamps and Social Security enjoy those crowds near the first of the month? I think not. It's obvious!


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