Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Life Support

As a stay at home mom, I know it's vital to my, and the entire family's, health to take breaks. Breaks away from the kids. The house.  Even the husband.

As a wife, I also know it's vital to a marriage to take breaks WITH the husband.

Right now, our marriage, my sanity is on life support.
Meaning, we need a break.

When I wake up in the morning, and am instantly irritated that the children need to be fed. Again.  Didn't I just feed them yesterday?

When I get irritated that there are more dirty clothes on the floor.  Do they have to change their clothes EVERY day?

When I am mad that the phone rings and my two oldest get into a shoving match over who gets to answer it.  And, it's not even for them!

When my 3 yr. old ask for milk. Again. For the 1000th time of the day.

When my 11 yr. old asks if he can put his video of his brother dancing to "We're Not Gonna Take It" on youtube. Again. For the 1000th time.

When I am in a constant bad mood and impatient with my children.
That I really, really do love endlessly.
I just need a break.
My husband and I have picked 2 nights at the end of the next month.  We just need to agree on a place.  We are not comfortable (nor can we afford) flying anywhere and leaving the kids that far away. 
We don't want to spend our precious free time driving for 4 hours either. 
Judd dislikes the coast (which we are lucky to live 2 hours from). 
I'm not into camping and "enjoying" nature.
We are not Bed and Breakfast people (although, that would make a hilarious blog post, I'm sure.) We thought about even booking a hotel in town here, but I don't think that would feel enough like a getaway.
I think we're going to go about 2 hours north. There's an outlet mall that we could get some shopping done. Going some place that involves:
  • shopping at discount prices
  • staying in a hotel that I don't have to clean
  • eating in a place I don't have to cook
  • not having to hear any whining or fighting
  • wait. I am going with my husband....
  • ok. less whining and fighting. 
will most definitely put some life into this comatose existence we have going on now.  Hopefully, this family can survive until then!

I finally let him. I know this goes on and on but the last 5 seconds are the best.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Whole Hand!

Me=Terrible Mother.

Jarrett's birthday was Wednesday and I am just now getting a post done about it.  In my defense, Wednesday was a terrible day. Our washing machine broke down, I had 2 extra children (one with diaherra), I had my monthly migraine and we had people in and out all day to give the birthday boy his spankings presents.  (that last part wasn't terrible, just one more thing going on).

Jarrett, however, had a great birthday!  As he would say he's a "whole hand old!".
Can't believe my little 5lb. preemie is 5 years old!  Jarrett is (I'm told) a typical 3rd child.  Easy going, plays by himself for hours on end but yet interacts well with others.  He has a great sense of humor (as do all my kids, really) and loves to make others laugh. This saves him from a lot of beatings time outs as it's hard to be mad at a 5 yr. old when he's looking at you crossed eyed.

A fellow bloggy mom recently did a birthday interview and I loved the idea.  So, I stole it.
Here's Jarrett's internet debut:

Jarrett, how do you feel, being a whole hand years old now?
It's a lot of fun.

What was the best part of your birthday?
When Grandma Dee gave me a car with a marote (car w/remote) and Grandma Edith gave me my towel and Grammie got me Legos.
(You will notice nothing is mentioned of the present his parents gave him???)

What is your favorite thing to do?
Play with my cars and go to the beach. 

Do you like having 2 brothers and 1 sister?
Yeah.  Except when Josie is mean and I have to fight her. 

What is your favorite part of school?
Getting Skittles. 

What is your favorite food?
Spaghetti and I like pizza.

Who is your best friend?
Ethan. That's easy!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A dog.  Just kidding!!  A teacher. 

What's your favorite movie?
Lightning McQueen. 

  I have loved being Jarrett's mom, these last five years.  I look forward to many, many more.

I love you Jarrett!!       

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sending Hugs to Ole Miss

I have been told I haven't updated for awhile.  Yes, I know.
I have no good reason.  I just haven't.

But, today, I received an email from a very dear friend.  She's going through some tough stuff.

I wish I could hug in her in real life, let her cry on my shoulder.  But I can't.
Stupid geography and all that.

So, I'm hoping she reads this.  And knows I love her.  And I am ANGRY beyond measure that she's going through what she's going through.

glitter graphics
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The other day, my zipper broke on my only pair of half way decent jeans.

A trip to the mall was necessary. With all 4 of my children.

Because  my "babies" are no longer babies, I do not have a stroller, other than a small umbrella stroller. That seats one.  I have two children I would prefer to be strollered.  Of course, I could rent a stroller at the mall, for $10 but because we did not expect to be buying jeans this week, that was out of the question.

In we go. Into the mall.  After the obligatory "you will be good or else" speech.  With my fingers crossed that my children will indeed be good, and that I could find a decent pair of jeans.  Fast.

Jayce is old enough to roam a little on his own so we determine what time we will meet up again.  I'm off with the other 3, stroller less.

The finger crossing paid off because I did find a pair of jeans, on sale.

Off to the dressing room we go.  The main dressing room was full.  I know this because Jeven gladly peeked under every door and announced "someone in there!!" so we go to the dressing room in the lingerie department. 

I shove encourage everyone to get in the dressing room. The tiny dressing room. 

I can only imagine what the other customers were thinking.  Or picturing.

"Do we get to see you NAKED?"
"It's ok, Jarrett. She has a bra on."
"Why do you have so many bruises?" ( I do have alot of brusies. I'm clumsy)
"Oh!! I like your clothes, you look pretty!"
"These are the clothes I was wearing when we came in here, Jeven."
"I have to go poop."
"Are you going to buy those, Mom? Do you have enough money?  Are you going to use a coupon?"
"I really have to go poop!"

A few minutes later, in the restroom.  Where we've occupied 3 out of 6 stalls.
"IgopoopI'mdone." ( my cue to wipe)
"Mom, I teed a little on the floor.  I'll wipe it up with my sweatshirt"
"The poop won't go down the toilet."
"Oh, wait.  There it goes"
"I need help to wash my hands."
"The water is too hot"
"The water is too cold"
"Mom, I put this for the next person" (Jeven indicating the loooonnnggg piece of paper towel hanging from the dispenser)
"Can we go get candy?"
"This was fun!! Can we do this everyday?"

I was exhausted. But, I got a new pair of jeans.  On sale.  And I "borrowed" a coupon from the sales clerk and got them even cheaper.  It was worth it.

  Then I went to wear the new pants the next day and they were 3 inches too long and too big around the waist.  How they fit in the store but not at home, I don't know.

But, I have to go back to the mall to exchange them.  Wish us luck!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

100th Day

I can do the same stuff, every day, day in and day out.  For about 99 days.  But, on the 100th day, it's just all too much. 

Today is the 100th day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Steak and Extra Babies

This week has turned into another crazy one.

We were going to go to Portland, about 2 hours away,  tonight.  Then we weren't.  Then we were.
Then we found out we wouldn't be returning home until 12:30 a.m.
That's too late for us.  So we didn't.

Ended up going to Grandma's house for dinner.  A steak dinner.  That I didn't. have. to. cook!
Steak taste good anyways, it tastes even better when someone else has made it!

Yesterday, I had 3 extra monsters children, ages 1,2 and 3.  Looks like tomorrow and Thursday, I will have them again.  The parents pay me.  They pay me well.  So,it's hard to refuse.  It's also hard to get any schooling done.  But, kids don't really need a summer vacation do they? 

Friday I have my weekly nursing home visit.  I will have to post about that another time.
Saturday, I am happily going to visit a friend that had a baby!  I love my friend and I know I will love her baby.  Other people's babies are great!
Also, Jayce has a basketball game.

Sunday there is some football game on?  We usually watch it--him for the football, me for the commercials.
Luckily, I stocked up on microwave popcorn and soda this week ( 4 boxes and 4 2 liters for $2.20!).  That may be the only thing we eat that day.  As I'll be too tired to cook.
Plus, we had steak tonight, that should last all week right?  Kid's don't really need daily meals, do they?

**Please, note, that last sentence was just for a laugh.  Do not call the authorities.  I feed my children at least once a day.  Whether they need it or not. **

Monday, February 1, 2010

My Hero

I found this today.  It's an essay Jayce wrote when he was about 8 or 9.  (He's now 11)

"My hero is my mom. She is always there for me, she is always teaching me things. And even if she wasn't my mom I would still think of her as mine.
My mom is always there to help me. Espeally (especially) when I'm hurt. Like when I get in bike crashes.  She'll help me.  My mom is really nice most of the time unless she is tired. She has dark blonde hair like mine.
She always tought (taught) me things like not to lie and to obey adults except strangers which she tought me not to talk to.
My mom isn't just my mom she is also a friend and like I said earlier a good friend. She cares and loves for me as I do to her."

I think I will drag this out every couple of years and look at it. It will cheer me up, I'm sure.
Unless I'm tired and not really nice.  Then I will use it as a bribe.  "See Jayce!  At one time I was your HERO! So, no. You may not get a nose ring".