Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The other day, my zipper broke on my only pair of half way decent jeans.

A trip to the mall was necessary. With all 4 of my children.

Because  my "babies" are no longer babies, I do not have a stroller, other than a small umbrella stroller. That seats one.  I have two children I would prefer to be strollered.  Of course, I could rent a stroller at the mall, for $10 but because we did not expect to be buying jeans this week, that was out of the question.

In we go. Into the mall.  After the obligatory "you will be good or else" speech.  With my fingers crossed that my children will indeed be good, and that I could find a decent pair of jeans.  Fast.

Jayce is old enough to roam a little on his own so we determine what time we will meet up again.  I'm off with the other 3, stroller less.

The finger crossing paid off because I did find a pair of jeans, on sale.

Off to the dressing room we go.  The main dressing room was full.  I know this because Jeven gladly peeked under every door and announced "someone in there!!" so we go to the dressing room in the lingerie department. 

I shove encourage everyone to get in the dressing room. The tiny dressing room. 

I can only imagine what the other customers were thinking.  Or picturing.

"Do we get to see you NAKED?"
"It's ok, Jarrett. She has a bra on."
"Why do you have so many bruises?" ( I do have alot of brusies. I'm clumsy)
"Oh!! I like your clothes, you look pretty!"
"These are the clothes I was wearing when we came in here, Jeven."
"I have to go poop."
"Are you going to buy those, Mom? Do you have enough money?  Are you going to use a coupon?"
"I really have to go poop!"

A few minutes later, in the restroom.  Where we've occupied 3 out of 6 stalls.
"IgopoopI'mdone." ( my cue to wipe)
"Mom, I teed a little on the floor.  I'll wipe it up with my sweatshirt"
"The poop won't go down the toilet."
"Oh, wait.  There it goes"
"I need help to wash my hands."
"The water is too hot"
"The water is too cold"
"Mom, I put this for the next person" (Jeven indicating the loooonnnggg piece of paper towel hanging from the dispenser)
"Can we go get candy?"
"This was fun!! Can we do this everyday?"

I was exhausted. But, I got a new pair of jeans.  On sale.  And I "borrowed" a coupon from the sales clerk and got them even cheaper.  It was worth it.

  Then I went to wear the new pants the next day and they were 3 inches too long and too big around the waist.  How they fit in the store but not at home, I don't know.

But, I have to go back to the mall to exchange them.  Wish us luck!


  1. LOL You did a very good job of writing humorously about a situation that was obviously very trying.

    That being said...this very thing is why we don't go to malls! :D

  2. I'm sure there were a few eyebrows raised and a few quiet giggles....

    You deserve the Mom of the Year Award. I have ONE toddler, and I've nearly killed him every time we've gone shopping!

  3. Oh, I know this experience all too well! Jeans-shopping is stressful enough without all the distraction and commentary from the troops! I hope you found some that fit!

  4. I hate going out with Wes, it's just too complicated, and he's only 6 wks. Congrats on making it through, and I'm sure you can manage it again!


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