Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Nothing better than a Kool-aid mustache!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting To Know You (Me)

I love these things. I love reading them and I especially love filling them out.

  • Favorite time of day:  Late at night, when the rest of the house is asleep but I'm still awake. Maybe not the most exciting but I seem to always see the late hours of night. 
  • Favorite season:  Spring!!  The flowers, the rain, the hint of better things to come. Love it! 
  • Favorite month:  I guess I would have to say March. (see above)
  • Favorite holiday:  Christmas!  There's the obvious reasons--the joy of giving, being with family, gifts, food--but also, it's the celebration of my Saviour's birth. Without it, where would I be?  (I know where I'd be going!)
  • Favorite subject in school:  Biology!  I enjoyed cutting open the animals and seeing their little "parts".  In high school, there was also a good possibility an eraser would be thrown at Michael Glazier because he never. shut. up!
  • Favorite channel:  We don't have cable or satellite. We have digital rabbit ears so the only channel we get good enough to watch an entire show is NBC. But, I wouldn't say it's my favorite. I guess Hulu would be my favorite. 
  • Favorite color:  Red
  • Favorite song:  This is hard.  I love the old time Bible hymns but lately, I haven't been able to sing or listen to them without crying my eyes out. (see the bullet point that mentions Michael Glazier).  My favorite hymn would be "Victory in Jesus".   Secularly,(spell check does not like this word but I'm using it anyways) I have many favorites.  Most songs I enjoy are tied with a memory. 
  • Favorite movie: Love Actually, or Pride and Prejudice. Or Princess Bride. Or Top Gun. (how's that for a range!)
  • Favorite celebrity:  Charlie Sheen. JUST KIDDING!!  I love Mike Rowe. And Jackie Chan. Tom Hanks has always been a favorite. I don't like many women celebrities. 
  • Favorite type of music:  I like many different types. Depends on my mood. 
  • Favorite t.v. show: Castle. And, right now, we are loving Raising Hope. So good! 
  • Favorite thing to do:  Lie in bed and read a good book, cover to cover. 
  • Favorite place to be:  This was hard as some other bloggers made sweet comments about their husbands here (threw up a little, I did). I will say I love being at the beach with my family on a day when it is not raining. Which doesn't happen very often. 
  • Favorite hobby:  Is sleeping a hobby?  
  • Favorite kind of animal:  One that doesn't stink. 
  • Favorite place to live: In a house. Or mansion. Whatever. 
  • Favorite place to vacation:  Anywhere where I don't have to cook.  
  • Favorite restaurant:  I love Jung's Mongolian Grill. Yummy!  Or course, I'd be happy with McDonald's since it means I'm not cooking. 
  • Favorite food:  Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Favorite thing to cook:  Were you not paying attention?  Go up 2 bullet points. 
  • Favorite drink:  I wish I could say something healthy like "lemon water" or "green herbal tea" but I will be honest:  Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
  • Favorite chore:  :snort:  
  • Favorite make-up: Any kind that covers my zits, wrinkles and makes me look flawlessly beautiful but also looks perfectly natural.  I cannot tell you what it's called because it does not exist.
  • Favorite hair products:  I buy whatever I can get for free with coupons. My hair sucks no matter what. 
  • Favorite lotion:  I like the old fashioned Jergens cherry almond scented lotion. 
  • Favorite perfume:  Victoria's Secret "Good Day Sunshine"
  • Favorite memory:  I have 4--Jayce, Josie, Jarrett and Jeven's birth stories.  
  • Favorite blogger:  I can't pick just one:  Karey,  Kelle,  Susan. Just to name three. 
  • Favorite thing to blog about:  Duh!  My kids and the silly, random stuff they do.
  • Favorite book:  James Herriott:  All Creatures Great and Small
  • Favorite verse:  John 3:16. My first verse I ever memorized as a child.
  • Favorite thing to wear:  Jeans and a hoodie. 
  • Favorite kind of day:  Any day where I feel I did my best as a mom, wife and friend. Those days are few and far between, sadly. 
  • Favorite job:  Being a mom, wife and friend. 
Your turn!  Would love to hear all about you!  

Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Did the Weekend Go?

I have never been happier to see a Monday in my life.  Did I just admit that?

This past weekend was insanely busy. 

Friday:  Josie and I had signed up to attend a Homeschool Day at the Hatfield Marine Science Center with another homeschooling mom and her son.  We were both looking forward to it.  I love the beach and studying anything associated with it.

But, the Tsunami closed down the entire town of Newport. Bummer.
Since we were already packed and ready to go, and in a science-type thinking mode, we headed to OMSI instead.  Still a fun day.

Made it home just in time to pick up the babysitter, go through Little Caesar's drive through,  jump into the shower and trade my rubber boots for heels.  My husband's annual dinner for work was a nice evening out. And, we walked out with his bonus check!  Side note--is it strange that I am the ONLY wife the boss hugs? 

Saturday:  Helped Jayce sell candy bars outside of Wal-mart to raise money for church camp. (still have candy bars left if anyone's interested!)  Jayce stood in the rain and wind and sold approx. 700 candy bars. 
We dash home ( by dash I mean sped while shoving food into our mouths and yelling at Josie to please leave her shoes on) so Jayce could change into his basketball uniform.
Off to the game we went. They lost. Boo! 
Then, to a pizza birthday party for a friend.  Side note--I love Nerf!  Best thing ever for last minute birthday gifts for boys! Or grown men. Whatever.

Sunday: After losing an hour sleep, our already crazy Sunday morning routine (jump out of bed after realizing we over slept, yelling at kids to hurry up and put on their church clothes, and no, you can't wear your boots with your slacks, and trying to find the pair of pantyhose that has the smallest run and dash out the door (by dash I mean shoving food in our mouths and yelling at my husband to hurry up) ) was off the charts.  We made it to church on time. I taught my class ( used slugs as a visual aide. Big hit) and we rushed off to home. Change clothes and go to Jayce's end of season basketball pizza party.  Eat pizza, clap continuously while 12 yr. old boys receive trophies.
Watch wind blow sign over onto some poor person's car.
Dash (by dash I mean driving in the wind and rain without speaking as to not wake the sleeping children in the back seat) to Jayce's last basketball game. They lost. Boo. But, only by a few points this time (take my word for it, losing by only a few points is an improvement)

Drive back to church to make an appearance at a baby shower that was mostly over.
Take kids to Sonic to celebrate Jayce's "not totally sucky" basketball game.
Come home, put on sweats that I have missed so terribly.  Let kids veg in front of t.v.
Josie has melt down. Major. 
After 2 hours of screaming, she is finally asleep. Husband and I watch highly intellectual film and then collapse into bed.

Monday morning arrives too soon but is well received. This week, so far, we only have two birthday parties (one being my own!), one church meeting and one day of housekeeping ( I have "side" job cleaning every other week) all while trying to get caught up on school before taking Spring Break off (please, Lord).

Side note--any guesses as to what type of restaurant we will be attending the birthday party at?  My kids are so sick of pizza.  It's kind of sad, actually. You know you've eaten a lot of pizza if you're 6 and tired of it.

Here's to a somewhat uneventful week! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Alternate Definitions

*Warning:  potty talk soon to follow*

I recently posted Jarrett's birthday interview, in which I attempted to tell you how seriously funny he is.  

Last night, after putting all the kids to bed, Jayce yelled for me to come back into the boys' room.

Jayce:  "Jarrett wants to ask you something. Go ahead Jarrett."

Jarrett: (giggle, giggle) "NO!!"

Jayce: "Yes!"

Jarrett:  "Okay. Are turds pieces of poop?"

Me:  "Well, yes."

Jarrett:  "No they aren't!!  They are people that act stupid!"

( :

Thursday, March 3, 2011

All the Essentials

My 8 year old daughter has taken to carrying a purse whenever we go anywhere.  What, you ask, is essential to an 8 year old girl? 

Now, when I first wondered what Josie might be carrying in her purse and picked it up, it was quite heavy.  I couldn't think of WHAT she had in there.  So I started taking everything out, one item at a time. This is what I found: 

First, her purse. It's cute, right?
Next, her wallet. It's a felt, monkey wallet. Again, cute.

An empty container of gum. The gum didn't even belong to her. It was her older brother's.

And...the gum wrappers. That lead me to believe maybe she "borrowed" some of Jayce's gum?

A My Little Pony McDonald's toy, one old, purple barrette and some random piece of a toy.

And...one boulder. 
Now I know why it was so heavy.  I don't even want to think about why she felt the need to bring this with her everywhere. 

I guess us ladies all have something in our hand-bags that others would think is weird.

I dug through my purse and found a hole puncher. Yup. 

Hey, a lady has to be prepared for anything, right?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday

Judd with his pet, Ruger. Also, Judd sporting some awesome facial hair.  Hard to decide which is handsomer, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jarrett's 6th Birthday Interview

Jarrett is, in a word, hysterical.  All of my kids have great senses of humor. Seriously!  They get jokes that most people don't. They can tell an honest to goodness joke on their own too. But, Jarrett is a ham. No cute smiles, or handsome pictures from him. They all have silly faces, most with bunny ears.

Giving bunny ears even to his balls. 

I enjoy talking to Jarrett daily.  Now that's he's the big 6, he's become much wiser.  

Me:  What did you enjoy most about turning 6?

Jarrett:  The presents.

Me: Duh. Should have known. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jarrett:  A dog.

Me:  Okay....  You go to school. What's your favorite part of school?

Jarrett: Centers. ( that's when the kids get to pick an activity and play with their friends. They are actually learning but they don't know that)

Me: What's your favorite food?

Jarrett:  Candy

Me: No, that's a treat. I mean food.

Jarrett: Circus peanuts.

Me:  No, that's still a treat. What's your favorite food?

Jarrett:  Pancakes with clear syrup. (corn syrup)

Me:  Who is your favorite person?

Jarrett:  God

Me:  Great!  But, I mean in our house?

Jarrett:  You and dad.

Me:  But, if you could only pick ONE person...

Jarrett:  Just looks at me because he knows there is no right way to answer this.

Me:  Okay, who is your favorite sister?  (thinking that since he only has ONE sister, this would be an easy question)

Jarrett:  Just looks at me because he does not appreciate my sense of humor. 

Me:  What do you think about how the current government system is being run?

Jarrett:  What?

Me:  Never mind.  Where's your favorite place to go?

Jarrett:  McDonald's. 

There you have it. 

The night of Jarrett's birthday, Jayce, (who occupies the top bunk, over Jarrett,) said "Good night dumb birthday boy!" 

Jarrett's response? 

"Good night boy who didn't get any presents today. "

That's my boy!!