Monday, March 7, 2011

Alternate Definitions

*Warning:  potty talk soon to follow*

I recently posted Jarrett's birthday interview, in which I attempted to tell you how seriously funny he is.  

Last night, after putting all the kids to bed, Jayce yelled for me to come back into the boys' room.

Jayce:  "Jarrett wants to ask you something. Go ahead Jarrett."

Jarrett: (giggle, giggle) "NO!!"

Jayce: "Yes!"

Jarrett:  "Okay. Are turds pieces of poop?"

Me:  "Well, yes."

Jarrett:  "No they aren't!!  They are people that act stupid!"

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  1. That's great! What a smarty-pants! :)

  2. Great sense of humor!

    Why, they are both, since poop is stupid! :)


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