Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jarrett's 6th Birthday Interview

Jarrett is, in a word, hysterical.  All of my kids have great senses of humor. Seriously!  They get jokes that most people don't. They can tell an honest to goodness joke on their own too. But, Jarrett is a ham. No cute smiles, or handsome pictures from him. They all have silly faces, most with bunny ears.

Giving bunny ears even to his balls. 

I enjoy talking to Jarrett daily.  Now that's he's the big 6, he's become much wiser.  

Me:  What did you enjoy most about turning 6?

Jarrett:  The presents.

Me: Duh. Should have known. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Jarrett:  A dog.

Me:  Okay....  You go to school. What's your favorite part of school?

Jarrett: Centers. ( that's when the kids get to pick an activity and play with their friends. They are actually learning but they don't know that)

Me: What's your favorite food?

Jarrett:  Candy

Me: No, that's a treat. I mean food.

Jarrett: Circus peanuts.

Me:  No, that's still a treat. What's your favorite food?

Jarrett:  Pancakes with clear syrup. (corn syrup)

Me:  Who is your favorite person?

Jarrett:  God

Me:  Great!  But, I mean in our house?

Jarrett:  You and dad.

Me:  But, if you could only pick ONE person...

Jarrett:  Just looks at me because he knows there is no right way to answer this.

Me:  Okay, who is your favorite sister?  (thinking that since he only has ONE sister, this would be an easy question)

Jarrett:  Just looks at me because he does not appreciate my sense of humor. 

Me:  What do you think about how the current government system is being run?

Jarrett:  What?

Me:  Never mind.  Where's your favorite place to go?

Jarrett:  McDonald's. 

There you have it. 

The night of Jarrett's birthday, Jayce, (who occupies the top bunk, over Jarrett,) said "Good night dumb birthday boy!" 

Jarrett's response? 

"Good night boy who didn't get any presents today. "

That's my boy!!


  1. Love that last little quip... what a kick!

    Happy Birthday to him!!!

  2. Ha! Touche, Dumb Birthday Boy, touche!

    LOVE IT!

  3. Happy Birthday!! What an amazing sense of humor....

  4. "Good night boy who didn't get any presents today!" THAT is hysterical! What a smart kid! :)

    Happy Birthday Jarrett!


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