Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting To Know You (Me)

I love these things. I love reading them and I especially love filling them out.

  • Favorite time of day:  Late at night, when the rest of the house is asleep but I'm still awake. Maybe not the most exciting but I seem to always see the late hours of night. 
  • Favorite season:  Spring!!  The flowers, the rain, the hint of better things to come. Love it! 
  • Favorite month:  I guess I would have to say March. (see above)
  • Favorite holiday:  Christmas!  There's the obvious reasons--the joy of giving, being with family, gifts, food--but also, it's the celebration of my Saviour's birth. Without it, where would I be?  (I know where I'd be going!)
  • Favorite subject in school:  Biology!  I enjoyed cutting open the animals and seeing their little "parts".  In high school, there was also a good possibility an eraser would be thrown at Michael Glazier because he never. shut. up!
  • Favorite channel:  We don't have cable or satellite. We have digital rabbit ears so the only channel we get good enough to watch an entire show is NBC. But, I wouldn't say it's my favorite. I guess Hulu would be my favorite. 
  • Favorite color:  Red
  • Favorite song:  This is hard.  I love the old time Bible hymns but lately, I haven't been able to sing or listen to them without crying my eyes out. (see the bullet point that mentions Michael Glazier).  My favorite hymn would be "Victory in Jesus".   Secularly,(spell check does not like this word but I'm using it anyways) I have many favorites.  Most songs I enjoy are tied with a memory. 
  • Favorite movie: Love Actually, or Pride and Prejudice. Or Princess Bride. Or Top Gun. (how's that for a range!)
  • Favorite celebrity:  Charlie Sheen. JUST KIDDING!!  I love Mike Rowe. And Jackie Chan. Tom Hanks has always been a favorite. I don't like many women celebrities. 
  • Favorite type of music:  I like many different types. Depends on my mood. 
  • Favorite t.v. show: Castle. And, right now, we are loving Raising Hope. So good! 
  • Favorite thing to do:  Lie in bed and read a good book, cover to cover. 
  • Favorite place to be:  This was hard as some other bloggers made sweet comments about their husbands here (threw up a little, I did). I will say I love being at the beach with my family on a day when it is not raining. Which doesn't happen very often. 
  • Favorite hobby:  Is sleeping a hobby?  
  • Favorite kind of animal:  One that doesn't stink. 
  • Favorite place to live: In a house. Or mansion. Whatever. 
  • Favorite place to vacation:  Anywhere where I don't have to cook.  
  • Favorite restaurant:  I love Jung's Mongolian Grill. Yummy!  Or course, I'd be happy with McDonald's since it means I'm not cooking. 
  • Favorite food:  Mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Favorite thing to cook:  Were you not paying attention?  Go up 2 bullet points. 
  • Favorite drink:  I wish I could say something healthy like "lemon water" or "green herbal tea" but I will be honest:  Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
  • Favorite chore:  :snort:  
  • Favorite make-up: Any kind that covers my zits, wrinkles and makes me look flawlessly beautiful but also looks perfectly natural.  I cannot tell you what it's called because it does not exist.
  • Favorite hair products:  I buy whatever I can get for free with coupons. My hair sucks no matter what. 
  • Favorite lotion:  I like the old fashioned Jergens cherry almond scented lotion. 
  • Favorite perfume:  Victoria's Secret "Good Day Sunshine"
  • Favorite memory:  I have 4--Jayce, Josie, Jarrett and Jeven's birth stories.  
  • Favorite blogger:  I can't pick just one:  Karey,  Kelle,  Susan. Just to name three. 
  • Favorite thing to blog about:  Duh!  My kids and the silly, random stuff they do.
  • Favorite book:  James Herriott:  All Creatures Great and Small
  • Favorite verse:  John 3:16. My first verse I ever memorized as a child.
  • Favorite thing to wear:  Jeans and a hoodie. 
  • Favorite kind of day:  Any day where I feel I did my best as a mom, wife and friend. Those days are few and far between, sadly. 
  • Favorite job:  Being a mom, wife and friend. 
Your turn!  Would love to hear all about you!  


  1. I love it! Charlie Sheen? I laughed SO HARD at that! WINNING!

    Favorite blogger? Hope you didn't feel like you had to put me because I put you... but obviously I'll take it either way. ;)

    Oh, and now I feel bad that none of my kids' births were my favorite memory, but to be honest, they all kind of sucked (you know, besides the baby part). ;)

    It was so much fun reading about you! :)

  2. Of course I put you in there because I love reading your blog! I love to laugh at you. I mean, with you.

    ( ;


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