Thursday, March 3, 2011

All the Essentials

My 8 year old daughter has taken to carrying a purse whenever we go anywhere.  What, you ask, is essential to an 8 year old girl? 

Now, when I first wondered what Josie might be carrying in her purse and picked it up, it was quite heavy.  I couldn't think of WHAT she had in there.  So I started taking everything out, one item at a time. This is what I found: 

First, her purse. It's cute, right?
Next, her wallet. It's a felt, monkey wallet. Again, cute.

An empty container of gum. The gum didn't even belong to her. It was her older brother's.

And...the gum wrappers. That lead me to believe maybe she "borrowed" some of Jayce's gum?

A My Little Pony McDonald's toy, one old, purple barrette and some random piece of a toy. boulder. 
Now I know why it was so heavy.  I don't even want to think about why she felt the need to bring this with her everywhere. 

I guess us ladies all have something in our hand-bags that others would think is weird.

I dug through my purse and found a hole puncher. Yup. 

Hey, a lady has to be prepared for anything, right?


  1. I carry a rock in mine too ;) Actually I can't think of anything weird in my purse but I do have way more candy then one person would need in there.

  2. I carry a laptop backpack as a purse. Easier with crutches, but even before the crutches, I was carrying it.
    I won't even tell you what's in there, we'd be here all day.

    But I am ready for just about anything except a contraceptive emergency.


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