Friday, October 2, 2009


I took a picture of Josie doing her handwriting lesson today:

Notice the name of the book?

Originally, she started throwing a fit because she didn't want to do handwriting. Then, when I told her it was illegal to cry while doing handwriting because it's "Handwriting Without Tears", she cried harder. She told me "no one will ever know if I cry!".
So, I took a picture. To send to the proper authorities.


  1. I'm laughing way too hard for the trauma your poor girl is clearly experiencing over the handwriting. Sending the picture to the proper authorities...BWAHHAAAAAAAA

  2. I feel her pain. My writing is printing that's joined and it looks like cursive but it's not! I hate to write in cursive. She might like cursive better? My Youngest loves it because it's so pretty!

    Hope she learns to love writing, no matter what style!



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