Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Keep Laughing

That's the only way to stay sane in my house.

Me:  Could we please have one day with no fighting? 

Jayce:  Probably not.

Me:  Well, someone is going to have to be the bigger person and decide not to fight.

Josie:  I would rather Jayce did that.

Good grief, I love these kids.  I have hardly any hairs on my head, the ones I do have are gray but I love 'em anyways.


  1. Ha! So true, we always want the other person to be the "bigger person". Gotta love the things kids say!

  2. Your kids are so funny!

    Have I told you before that you're really smart to write all these things down?

    Because you are.

  3. Her favorite Auntie (LOL!) keeps telling her she needs to write a book. Jackie's writing style reminds me of Emma Bomeck's.


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