Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sucky or Super Sunday

My bloggy friend  Green Eyed Momster does a post like this every Wednesday.
Instead of doing a whole post about all the sucky things going on right now, I decided to do this post.  I may make it a weekly thing, I may not.  We'll see how I feel next Sunday I guess!

  • Sucky:  My husband is sick.  We all know how much fun THAT is.
  • Super:  It doesn't seem to be Piggly like
  • Sucky:  Our t.v. is STILL in the shop.  It's going on week 4.  
  • Sucky:  I'd like to say we've been bonding as a family with no t.v. but turns out, we do very poorly without it.  If just for the fact that late at night, I can't go out in the living room and watch DWTS.  
  • Super:  We are getting a dishwasher.  A FREE dishwasher!! 
  • Super:  That deserves another super:  A FREE dishwasher!!
  • Sucky:  I am going to have to have a procedure done.  In the hospital.  If  you want more details, email me.  But, I'm not going into it here. 
  • Sucky:  For some strange reason, I am unable to comment on most of the blogs I read.  If you have not had any comments from me, it's not because I haven't tried!!  
  • Super:  I had a "conference" done with the online school this past week and found out we are ahead of schedule.  Attendance wise and academic wise as well.  I gave myself a huge pat on the back.
  • Sucky:  I am feeling very low right now.  I could go on and on with sucky things but I'm going to stop now.  
  • Super:  I am going to try and have a super attitude this week.  I am hoping it will help with my sucky attitude. 

Hope you all have a super week as well!


  1. Sorry about the TV. I didn't even know there were places that still fix them, how weird is that?

    You know, I have seen many televisions at Goodwill, and they work. Just a thought.

    I hope your medical procedure isn't anything horrible (although I suppose technically, all medical procedures are horrible in some way...)

    Feel free to email me if you wanna vent, too.

    And YAY on the dishwasher. I wouldn't want to keep house without one.

  2. Ami,
    We bought one of those extended warranties with our t.v.--a flat screen 47 in. So, yes there's still places that fix them. Although, this is the 4th time it's had to be fixed. We were hoping to get a new one but no...they want to keep paying for it to get fixed. So stupid!!
    And, we have a regular one set up in the living room with a dvd player. But no cable! ) :

    I have live here for 10 yrs. without a dishwasher!! What ever will I do with my free time!??


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