Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Why didn't anyone tell me there's a new editing system that makes posting pictures so much easier?!  I found it by accident and I think I have it figured out!  Yeah me!

So, finally here's the pictures of our day at the pumpkin patch.  Jarrett's preschool class took a field trip and since I home school his siblings, I took them along as well. 

We visited a local orchard/farm.  First stop, the apple trees.  Where each child was allowed to pick one apple off the tree and eat it!  So yummy!

Then, each child was allowed to pick one pumpkin.  Jarrett, Josie and Jayce picked theirs and I got pictures of them with their pumpkins.  Jeven picked one then decided to leave it at the farm.  Not sure why but he was firm on leaving his pumpkin there.  I think he was just too lazy to carry it, actually.

Jarrett with his manageable pumpkin

Josie with hers.

Jayce of course had to find a big one.
You can also see Jeven, with his
pumpkin in the bag.

Next, we went up to the farm stand.  Where they SELL fresh produce.  My kids thought it was a buffet.  I quickly explained that this food was not free and you had to pay for it.  Jeven shove another handful of raspberries in his mouth and said "Ok, mommy". 

It was a fun, fall day.  I am hoping we can go back with Daddy soon.  They usually have wagon rides and the kids like to see the horse. 


  1. "HI!"

    Cute kids! Cute pumpkins. We're getting ours next week.

  2. The picture of the four kids is really cute.


    My kids are long past their pumpkin patch days. Treasure this time.



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