Friday, October 30, 2009

Thrown Under the Bus

With small kids, it's always interesting how one will tattle tale on the others.  Or be quick to place blame on an innocent bystander.  Usually, I can decipher who really is the villain and punish accordingly.

Tonight, after all the kids were in bed ( and even though they are in bed, it doesn't mean they can't hear what's going on out in the living room or kitchen.  and it doesn't keep them from giving their own opinion on things) I had a minor mishap in the kitchen. 

A crude innocent curse word came out of my mouth, rather loudly.

From the bedroom I hear:
Jeven:  I didn't do it!! It was Jarrett!

Jarrett:  No it wasn't!  It was Josie!

Josie:  What?!!

Gives new meaning to "sibling rivalry".

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