Friday, November 7, 2008


Josie the window licker. She was about 2.

Josie, Baby Jarrett and Jayce. Maybe May 2005. Josie was 2, Jarrett 3 months and Jayce was 6.

Newborn Jarrett. About 1 day old. He was a 35 weeker. 5 lbs.

Jeven hanging out in his tanning bed in the NICU. He spent one week there. He had many problems; blood sugar, stopped breathing, body temp. Nothing that has had any long lasting affects. But, that week after he was born was terrible. I spent my time choosing between my newborn that needed me in the hospital and my other 3 babies that needed me at home.

Newborn Jeven, only couple hours old. Before we knew of any problems that were soon to come.

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